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The Truth in Words That Can Happen to a Depressed Girl

This story has some quality issues

The Truth in Words That Can Happen to a Depressed Girl

By Millionshatterpieces

She smiles

She laughs

She jokes

Her smile as bright as the sun

Her laugh sweet with a soft voice

Her jokes make the people laugh

He shoves

He hurts

He laughs

His strength is powerful, enough to hurt her by shoving her to the ground

His word stabs at her skin, she is already cutting her skin

His laugh is rasby and cold when he hurts her

Her scars

Her wrists

Her neck

She has scars that cut deeper than a knife

She saw her blood soak wrists with the scars that cut deeper

She feels warm in the rope around her neck, she see her blood soak wrist and her scars that the cuts deeper through everyday

He sad

He depressed

He hates

He hear what happen, her death was his fault

His depressing is even more worse now, his parent abuse him now, they've heard what happen

He hates himself now

He hurts

His scars

His Gun

He is in pain, he hurts himself

His scars are deeper than hers

His gun's trigger was pulled

He is in Hell now

While she is in heaven

He is burning

She is not

He found Satan

She found God

She happy

He isn't

Author Notes: I know my friends don't know I'm depressed But I know that they understand, Don't hide your pain tell an adult


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29 May, 2019
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