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The TRY Angle
The TRY Angle

The TRY Angle

TheDeckerEdgeMatt Decker

How can I
Hope to fly
If I'm shy
'Bout The Try?

"Do or die"
Choose to try
Lose will I
Without The Try.

And if I
Buy the lie
"Pointless to try"
Dreams will fly
Out of sight.

Far or nigh
Dark or light
Day or night
How or why
No matter -- I
Must always try.

Fight or flight?
Fight for flight
I take flight
Toward the light
When I vie
When I try
When I fight.

"Limit's the sky"?
Disagree do I
Instead say I:
"Limit's The Try."

Gals and guys
Of every stripe
Under ancient skies
To modern eyes
Have all relied
On The Try.

Before I die
And say bye-bye
And away fly
Way up high
Beyond blue skies
God forbid I
Fail to try.

©️ Matt Decker

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About The Author
Matt Decker
About This Story
7 Mar, 2018
Read Time
<1 min
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