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The Two J's
The Two J's

The Two J's


I end up waking up with the sun shining through the grey tinted windows, My body lay next to Jamies. His arms were around me while I was curled around myself. I slowly move off the bed, his arm sliding off my body.

I start to put my curly hair into cute little balls of hair on my head leaving strands over my ears. I head over to my room. My room is smaller than Jamies but it was still cozy, The purple curtains blowing in the breeze from the open window. My bed was a light bland blue, while my pillows were a pearly white. I go to my dresser and change into some Skinny Jeans and a shirt I got from Hot Topic, back in Colorado. I slowly walk down the corridor and start to hum a familiar song, We don’t believe what's on TV by Twenty one Pilots. When I was young I would memorize the lyrics to their songs. And to this day I still remember them. I finally get to the kitchen and get breakfast started.

"Good morning JJ.." I hear Jamie say as he ducks the open cabinet door. He looked tired and a bit shocked when he got his balance back from ducking under the cabinet door that basically snuck up on him.

"Morning Jamie!" I say as I close the cabinet. Oops. I stand on my tip toes and give him a small kiss on the cheek. Not a normal complete affectionate one. A more gentle and keeping a bit of distance kiss.

"Me and the guys are gonna go ride towards Jackson.. You wanna tag along" He asks then returns the kiss on the cheek.

"That depends on which couple of the guys you're gonna ride around with." I look back at the pan and flip the two small omelets in the pan.

"Ryan, Jack, Dominic, and Xavier. They're the more dangerous guys in the group." He says and winced at the end looking for my reaction.

"Fine I'll go. Only because I don't want you to get hurt." I say and continue staring at the pan. In the corner of my eye I see him roll his eyes. "I can see you! And yes I am very protective of you. For. A. Good. Reason!" I exclaim as I try to calmly turn my body towards him without full out destroying him with the near weapon in my hand. A spatula.

"Mhm I love you too sweetie" he laughs as he sits down at the table and pulls out his phone.

"Who are you talking to?" I ask turning back around to the pan.

"The group chat.. Telling them you're coming with us." He mumbles loud enough for me to hear. I put the Omelets onto plates and hand one to Jamie and one for myself. "How are you the best cook ever? Don't tell my mom I said so though" he chuckles.

"I guess I've just been cooking for a long time now. I've gotten used to it." Then I hear him slightly say 'you'd be a great mother' I begin to blush and laugh a bit, "W-what did you just say? I'd be a good mom!?" I say laughter rising up and beginning to choke me.

"Did I say that outloud! Crap!" He says setting down his fork. I begin to laugh so hard he starts to laugh with me. When we calm down a bit I ask,

"Do you really think I'd be a good Mother?" He looks into my face, his light brown eyes flicker in the morning sunlight. I can feel a small hint of pain linger in the back of his eyes. I knew things wouldn't be completely normal. We had always had ups and downs in our friendship but this time was different. He looked different too. As if it scared him like it scared me. He gets up from his chair and turns behind me, he continues the silence. I follow him with my eyes till I can't turn my head anymore. Still being silent he pulls my chair away from the table gently. He grabs my torso and I slowly stand up. His soft curls fall onto his face as he turns me around. His hand moves towards my thigh and I hold my breath, he moves slightly up my skirt and traces the new scars on my thighs leading no-where. He doesn't look at my face he just stares at the scars and slowly traces them while I hold my breath. Then all of a sudden I feel a sudden shock and he abruptly loops my legs around his back and soon I'm basically sitting on the counter breathing heavily into his soft curls. He moves his head so we are looking straight at each other, his body between my thighs.

"If you were to have my child would you want it?" He asks and I feel a spiral of pleasure form on my neck. He kisses my neck slowly making me immovable.

"I don't know what- or why you're asking me this." I say holding onto the counter and holding back the immediate pleasure, he stops kissing my neck and moves closer from between my thighs moving my body slightly. His deep brown eyes stare down at me and I feel oddly conscious of my breast completely showing. Hot topic really had a thing of showing things. His hand moves away from my thigh and he holds my face gently with his hand. His dark skin was soft and he moved gently across my body. His lips collide with mine causing me to gasp a little bit, his tongue begins to swirl with mine and soon we're making out on the counter. The birds chirp on the tree next to our home as we kiss making every tiny little millisecond count. It would be a memory. For both of us. Forever. Then we slowly pull ourselves away and we both breath out once our lips separate completely.

"We should get ready for the ride.. Don't want the guys to wait for us." I say still in a haze from the kiss, he picks me up and sets me down on the ground.

"Yeah they won't be too happy if they have to wait." He says and he walks over to the coat hanger and grabs his baby blue hoodie and puts it on while I put on my shoes.

Author Notes: So hope you enjoyed!

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5 Jul, 2020
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5 mins
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