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The Two Kingdoms

The Two Kingdoms

By TheForgotten - 2 Reviews

Once upon a time, there were two kingdoms heavily at war. As the years passed the quarrels began to get worse and worse. One day an old lady dropped a baby off at each castle. The Kings and Queens of both kingdoms agreed to keep the baby as theirs, and that’s where the story begins…

“Celeste don’t run in the hallway dear!” Queen Camilla called motherly. “I don’t want you to trip.” Celeste turned back to look at her mother, her long dark hair cascading down her small back and to her hips.

“Sorry mother.” Celeste whispered in apology before racing down the stairs, Camilla just let out an exasperated huff. Celeste was never like the other royal children, she always smiled and she never treated anyone different according to their titles, not even the peasants. “Mrs. Merryweather? Mrs. Merryweather?” Celeste called her tone bright and happy.

“Yes darling?” She appeared in the kitchen’s doorway, a small rag in her hand.

“Do you think we can go to the pond today?” Celeste asked, her bright eyes watching with hope and excitement.

“Yes dear, just let me finish cleaning the stove.” Celeste loved to go to the pond, she had even named all the fish living in it. Mrs. Merryweather grabbed Celeste’s hand to walk with her to the pond. Technically Mrs. Merryweather and Celeste were supposed to have guards with them anytime they left the palace but they felt it was fine if they were only a few mere feet from the castle walls.

“Do you think the fish missed us?” Celeste asked guiltily, recently they hadn’t been able to visit the pond due to various reasons.

“Yes, but I’m sure they’ll forgive you sweetie.” Mrs. Merryweather’s small face smiled warmly. Reassured Celeste ran the rest of the distance to the small pool of water. She gazed down upon the small colorful fish with enthusiasm. Out of nowhere something didn’t feel right, Celeste looked up towards the thick woods to see a boy dressed in the rival kingdom Saymoore’s attire. She knew she should’ve screamed but for some reason she didn’t as her light eyes stared at the little boy.

“Mrs. Merryweather?” She asked slowly and quietly as if frightened.

“Yes?” Mrs. Merryweather tensed.

“Is that a Saymoore boy over there?” Celeste asked calmly her back turned toward her caretaker.

“Yes, run Celeste run!” Mrs. Merryweather despite her age was able to keep up until they reached the castle walls. The guards, noticing their distress took care of the unwanted visitors.

“Did they kill him?” Celeste asked with horror “Did they kill the little boy?” her tiny body shook with fear.

“We’ll have the guards check okay? I’m sure he’s fine.” Mrs. Merryweather responded calmly, she took Celeste in her arms.

Samuel ran as the guards shot at him, the arrows falling out of the sky towards his body. He knew it was a bad idea venturing this far, it was too tempting though he had to see what Clayton was like, and he had, maybe more than he should have. He approached the borderline between the two kingdoms, he was rather surprised he made it this far knowing the area is filled with soldiers. He crossed the line into Saymoore territory, Mrs. Merryweather would be very mad when she found out what is absence was about. He arrived before night fall at the castle, the concerned woman waited for him at the entrance.

“Sam, you could’ve been killed.” Mrs. Merryweather huffed, clearly unhappy at his actions.

“I’m very sorry Ma’am I just wanted to see the other kingdom.” He held his head low, ashamed he had scared her. “I saw a little girl.” He states “A little Clayton girl, she saw me but she didn’t scream. Why?” Mrs. Merryweather just smiled at him.

“I’m just glad you’re not injured, if anything happened to you I don’t know what I’d do.” She patted his head “Okay run along, you need to get ready for bed little prince.”

Sam rushed up the stairs, he stopped when his mother Queen Serena gave him a strange look.

“Samuel, have I not told you, you shouldn’t be venturing so near to Clayton it’s very dangerous.” Her head tilted to the side as she scolded him “I don’t want you to get hurt, you’re my only son.” She held him in her arms before disappearing down the hallway, Sam ran the rest of the way to his room. He didn’t want to find out how his dad would react when he found out what Sam had done that day, either he’d be proud he’d been so brave or he’d be mad for him being so foolish, possibly even both.

That night he dreamt of the little girl who spotted him. This time she wandered towards him, her long dark hair dancing behind her as she approached. A small flower held in her small hand with grace. Just as she was about to reach him he awoke.

Author Notes: Sorry I tried to get a picture but I couldn't get a picture to fit...

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11 Aug, 2016
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4 mins
4.5 (2 reviews)

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