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The two of us

The two of us

By lynnsons

My name is Beatrice O'Connell I'm actually 16 and I have the sickness of what we called cancer and as usual I'm gonna die today and I absolutely have 24 hours to live and here 's how my life started and ended :

August 21,

I woke up as usual in my bed with a weak feeling in my head , hips and arms and as usual it was My boyfriend's birthday his name was , Matt he's turning 17 this month and he knows what sickness I have but he doesn't know I 'am going to die this day . I soon heard a knock in the door . " Come in " I said in my morning voice. " Sweetie are you ok ?" It was my mom she said in a normal worried way as she opened the door . " I'm fine mom looks like I have to wait for Matt " I said in fake cheery way . Soon my mom came forward and she was talking about that I'm gonna die today and how am I going to tell Matt about that . My reply was nothing but a piece of frown . Soon my mom leave my room and I soon contacted Matt.

"Please pick it up " I said while waiting
"H-hello ?"
"Hello Matt"
"Oh hi who's this?"
"It's me Beatrice . Happy Birthday!"
"Oh thanks do you want to go out with me ?"
"That was my line "
Soon Matt laughed and I somehow laugh. Soon he said that our meeting place would in the park he will wait for me there and make sure I look beautiful. " Don't be such a tease I said. Soon he laughed and said my good bye to him . "Wait Beatrice 3:00 pm this afternoon " Matt said and he hang up. There I saw myself crying but few minutes I told my mom to shop with her to buy a gift for Matt and also a dress for me to look good. A few minute passed I bought Matt a necklace which looked practically simple.

3:00 pm

Soon I told mom to pick me up in the park . I saw Matt waiting for me and as usual I called his name and he came forward.
"Hi" he said shyly
" Hello " I answered
"You look beautiful "he said
"Thanks " I said
"Shall we start " he said..
"Of course" I said
Then he held my hand and we have been in several places. Soon the two of us went to an amusement apartment .We both ride all the things they have there when it

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About This Story
9 Nov, 2012
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2 mins
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