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the un-existing do exist

the un-existing do exist

By aheadfullofwords

on september 5, 1997 a baby girl named jane was born at 12:45.And this little girl knew something know one else did. then suddenly when Jane turned seven her mom noticed she was talking to imaginary friends. She talked to her husband and said sometime this week i want to get jane a psychiatrist. Her husband told her she was just going through a stage and in a couple of weeks it will be over. So Jane's mom waited two weeks and told her husband she's taking Jane to the doctor and her husband said fine a drove to work. When Jane got to the psychiatrist the doctor said she's just going through a faze and also said if she was still concerned she should try a camera. So Jane's mom went and bought a camera and the very first night Jane walked up to the camera and started to talk to something she said" i'm sorry mommy doesn't take care of you and acts like you don't exist but it will be okay then Jane walked back to bed and fell asleep. The next morning Jane's mom asked her who she was talking to last night Jane answered her name is Jade and you should know she is your daughter. Jane's mom told jane she needs to stop and that Jane was her only child. Then Jane said look what you did now Jade is crying this all your fault. Jane's mom looked in the corner and saw tears falling on the ground. Jane;s mom walked over to the corner to clean the mess up when suddenly jade stabbed Jane's mom and and also killed her fahter.

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26 Dec, 2011
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