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The Unforgiven

The Unforgiven

By amiee_123

I feel the breeze on my arms. It’s enough to let me know something isn’t right. The coldness brings shivers down my spine. I look up at the darkness that’s about to come. I peer at all the other houses on the street that seem to be shut up tight. I have one last look up at the grey sky and walk inside. At that moment I didn’t know what may lie in the future.
I lock the door tightly and walk past my family. I go into my room lock the window and shut my blind. Then pick up my dressing gown, throw it over my shoulders then go into the living room. I watch my brother Mitchell playing and being a dinosaur along with my youngest cousin Ethan. Mum is talking to my aunty Elizabeth, while my stepdad is talking to Uncle Jim. Mum then tells me to go play with my other cousins who are outside but I shake my head. I feel that I don’t want to go outside for a while. I go to walk to my room when the door bell rings I turn around to go answer it but as my hand goes to touch the doorknob my uncle whispers in my ear to go get my cousins from outside. I do.
We come from outside, when I notice that all the lights are turned off and some of our candles are lit. In the corner of my eye I can see my mum with her hand over my brothers’ mouth along with my aunty with Ethan so they don’t make a noise. My stepdad waves his arms to get our attention and put his finger up to his lips and leads us into the kitchen. My stepdad tells us that something is here and he found out that it only comes at night. “What do you mean?” my eldest cousin Katie asks. “I mean that out there, somewhere in the world there has been a discovery of a new creature” my stepdad replies. “A new creature, what type?” I ask. “As I said the discovery is only new but we were told to lock all doors, all windows and shut all blinds to be safe“. “Yeah but what about the lights, why are the lights all off?” my other cousin Bastian questions. “That’s because the creature can seek out any sort of light and try to get in but if we keep all sources of lighting to only a glow we probably be alright” says my aunty Elizabeth in a shaky voice. I look at all of my cousins to see their reaction to bad news and I can only tell by their shock full eyes that it’s going to be a long night for all of them.
“Tahlia go and get you and your brothers’ mattress and four blankets” mum calls to me. I roll my eyes and race into my room to get my mattress and then my brothers. I throw them down in the family room then go and get my two blankets and then my brothers two. I place my brothers then my mattresses next to each other and start to make them both. While I finish the final touches to the mattresses I go and get some pillows. As I go past my brothers’ room I hear my stepdad talking to Bastian and my other cousin Lockie about the creature and how they will stay here for a few nights.
That night I kept hearing noises from outside, I tried to ignore them but Katie could hear them too and her silent crying, made me feel even worse. I rolled over and faced her. “Katie, try to stay strong ok by morning it will be gone.” I whispered trying to comfort her but in her deep teary blue eyes she didn’t believe me. We look at each other for a while until she rolls over and falls asleep. I do the same but only a couple hours later.
By the morning everyone is awake happily talking like nothing happened the night before. I pull Katie aside to talk to her. She’s my age but with light brown hair and a few freckles. Her nose is still a pinkish colour from crying earlier this morning. ”Sean, could you make breakfast?”Mum calls to my stepdad. I walk into my brothers room while Sean is changing my brothers nappy “Tahlia could you tell your mum that I’ll be there in a second, please?” he asks me. I then sighed and walked off.
During that day nobody was afraid of the thing on the news. It felt strange knowing that something out there, watching, and waiting. “Hey Tahlia get a load of this” Bastian calls to me. I start to walk over to him when Katie screams. “Bastian you’re so gross!” she yells at him. I continue to walk over to where Bastian was standing when a foul smell sweeps over me. “Ugh, what is that smell?” I asked “A shredded and skinned possum” Bastian replies.
“Yeah but we don’t get possums here in the suburbs and in town, do we?” Katie stared at me in confusion, “I think I know how it got here”. I tell her. “Hey what’s goin’ on?” Lockie asks from inside. He starts to come over to us followed by Ethan, mum and Aunty Elizabeth. As soon as they are all about two metres away they all turn their noses up at the horrid smell. “What on earth is that?” mum asks in disgust we all look over at Bastian whose feet and legs are blocking mums view. Bastian and I exchange glances. Katie looks and tells her brother to move. Bastian then sighs and moves. “Ahhh, what is that disgusting creature? Yuck!” Aunty Elizabeth wails. “UGH it looks rotten and is that, ugh yep teeth marks, this possum didn’t just fall from the heavens it was killed here and I know what did it” my mum tells us. “I think they know as well”, Bastian points at me and Katie.
Hours pass but the day seemed to go so slow. Sean and Uncle Jim have been playing the Wii forever and all of my cousins besides Katie were outside looking for more dead possums. I was so bored I could die from it, so in my field of boredom I thought to invade mums kitchen. Hours pass until the time was 5:27pm.
After we all finish dinner Uncle Jim turns on the News. Everybody just sits and waits for any more news on the thing. As soon as it came on we all just listened. “About 24 hours ago there was a new discovery on a new creature I have been informed by police to tell everybody to remain indoors for the night.”
Later that night we all done our own thing but clearly stayed away from windows and doors so we don’t have to hear the terrible noises made from IT. The night dragged on and on but eventually one by one everyone fell asleep. All through the night I heard the low growls of IT. More hours passed until the noise woke up Uncle Jim along with Bastian, and everybody else. My uncle looked across the room at my aunty and led her into our kitchen. The rest of us just stood there listening to their conversation. “No you can’t leave me and the kids, NO you can’t leave” we heard my aunty plead. “You know it is better if I go please Elizabeth let me go” my uncle told Aunty Elizabeth. After a couple minutes Uncle Jim came in and faced us. “NO daddy, don’t go outside please” Katie ran up to her dad and cried. “I know baby girl, but you know it’s for the best, I’ll come back”, “ Jim stop telling her lies you know you won’t come back you will get killed” aunty Elizabeth comes in with tears in her eyes. I look across the room at my other cousins but they seem to understand what their dad has to do, lead the thing far, far away from here.
My uncle looks at all of us then goes into the room which he is staying in and gets all his things, walks into the kitchen to then get some food. The rest of us look at each other in despair. My uncle, mums brother our family member is giving up his own life for ours and his kids.

T he screams from outside came quietly and sudden but we knew there was more of them than just one, we figured that out from the start. My cousins and I huddled together and blocked our ears so we couldn’t hear the screeches from what came on the other side of the lounge room window. My uncle was gone. I looked up again at Katie but her eyes were closed and she was singing a lullaby to Ethan and herself to keep them calm while my mum went to talk to Aunty Elizabeth. Bastian was holding Lockie in his arms and Sean cradled Mitchell while reading a book to him. All of a sudden we heard this massive SCREECH!! All of us screamed and jumped as Aunty Elizabeth come running out followed by mum. “What on earth was that?” mum asks. “They know that we are here” Sean replied, “Well mum what do we do?” bastion asked his mum. “Will they come in and get us?” Lockie says then looks at the window. “They can’t get in can they we’ve basically blocked everything and have locked it” I tell everyone. A couple of seconds after I said those words and massive loud scratch goes down the screen door, we all jumped. “Are you sure they can’t get in?” Ethan asks in a panicky voice.
We all stood there in complete silence, Ethan goes to repeat his question as though we didn’t hear it when the screen door gets ripped off and something hits the front window in mums’ room. “What do we do?” Katie asks. “Pack all of your things and put them in the kitchen while all of us adults barricade the doors and windows.
All my cousins and I run to get our stuff and throw it all into the kitchen when Ethan gets pushed and his head smashes into the corner of the cupboard. He lets out a massive scream and holds onto his head. All his tears drop onto our floor as blood drops into the puddles of tears. “Uh Ethan take your hand off of your head” I ask him. He does and his whole hand is covered with blood. Lockie moves back towards the window because his fear of blood when a silent gush of air comes from the window. It was still opened. We all stood waiting what going to happen next, when I low grow comes from the window the thing can smell the blood. I quickly grabbed Ethan and took him into my bathroom and washed his head.
My other cousins were trying to get rid of Ethan’s blood. Lockie stood there watching so I told him to get me a clean cloth from under the kitchen sink. He just looks at me with fear. “Lockie its going to be alright, ok, trust me, can you?” I ask him. “Yes, but can you get the cloth, please?”“Yeah, watch him though” I point at Ethan whose face is wet from his tears of pain. I walk out from the bathroom to face Katie against the window. “KATIE, NO!” I scream. She looks at me and turn to open the blind and close the window. “NO, KATIE! Please you can’t do this!” I plead, “MY DADS DEAD!” Katie yells at me, “Nothing matters anymore!” “No Katie you know they will see you, you know that they will kill you and your brothers and ME! Doesn’t that matter?” “Not to me” she whispers and looks at me. A tear runs down my face, I couldn’t believe she was going to risk her life and ours. Bastian looks at his sister with pleading eyes. Mitchell comes running up to me and I pick him up. “Don’t do it” I say under my breath. All my cousins look at her in fear. Katie turns to shut the window when Ethan screams. All of us shaky as jelly run into the bathroom to see Lockie and Ethan huddled in the bathroom cupboard. Then with no warning a massive body comes through the window.
I quickly hid behind the nearest wall and peeked over my shoulder to see the thing. For the first time in my life I saw it. It had dark brownish blackish fur and over grown teeth and toenails. Mitchell cuddles into me and closes his eyes.
Mum and Aunty Elizabeth creep up behind me while Sean grabs a cricket bat. The thing lets out a loud noise. Than out of the blue about 2 more things came. One of them looks exactly like the first one while the other one is a lot smaller and has light brown fur with a zigzagged white line down its back. They look around smelling things as they go but the first one jumps back out the smashed window. Now there were two. Sean looks at me and waves to get me to move out the way. I quickly moved and waited to watch what Sean would do. Minutes passed until Sean had the guts to scare the horrible creatures away. “YAHHHAHH” Sean screamed on the top of his lungs. At first the things hesitated which got me scared but then they screeched off out through the window and never seen again, not until two nights anyway.
While we were sleeping one night I heard noises in the house. I was thinking about to go and get up to check on the rest of us. I rolled over and went to grab the table so I could put my weight on it to help me up as I caught on the corner of my eye a thing was walking around all of the mattresses on the floor with my family sleeping in them. I wanted to do something but I went blank. I knew one wrong move and it’s my family’s life or mine.
I quickly thought to grab the nearest thing to me, a crowbar. I slowly and quietly get up and creep up close to the thing. At that moment Bastian moves and opens his eyes. He goes to scream but sees me with my figure up to my lips. The thing moves around in the one spot before it realizes it’s being watched. It slowly turns around while a low growl comes out of it throat. I start to shake and a shock of fear goes up my spine. Again without thinking I lift the crowbar above my head and stay as still as I possibly can until it was looking at me. I smash the crowbar onto the body of it and kept on hitting it until I couldn’t move my arms no more. I go to catch my breath when I notice it was still alive, I go to pick my arms up again when Lockie screams at the sight. He had seen the whole thing, “Stop Tahlia your killing it!” Lockie screams at me. “That’s the whole point!” I yell back at him. The noise wakes up everyone “ENOUGH!!” Sean yells at both of us. “Tahlia give me the crowbar” he tells me. I hand it over to him while glaring at Lockie. Without warning Sean with one massive hit kills the thing on the head.
As the night went on we all took turns to stay up for 2 hours and keep watch. While I was on duty I was trying to think of a name I could give the thing. At first I was thinking Disturbain because it might have been disturbed when they discovered it, I also thought Calibri I’m not sure why but I liked it. “Ok Tahlia time to swap” mum whispers to me. I look up at her and smile. I was thinking about telling her about the name Calibri but I thought not. I go off to my mattress when I notice that Bastian and Lockie are gone. I was quenched in panic that I almost tripped and fell on Mitchell. I go to wake Auntie Elizabeth up but as I do something pulls me away. I turn to face, Sean. “What are you doing up?” he asks me. “Me, huh, Oh, I just got off my watching time and swapped with mum, what are you doin up?” I reply back at him. “I saw you trip onto your bed...” “I didn’t trip, I sat down” I argued with him. “Where are the boys?” I ask him. “Huh, they were here” “yeah they were where they are now?” “I’m not sure” Sean tells me. We both looked around and went off to bed.
During the night I dreamt bad dreams and thoughts. I woke up a few time crying, frightened that they may come true. My dreams always have a weird story to tell, but the ones I was having that night were real, lifelike. The night dragged on as each time I awoke it was only two hours later, until finally I slept through til the morning. When I awoke most of my family were awake.
Mum was up already making breakfast, while my aunty was in the shower. I walk around the house to see what my cousins were doing. Not much. I continue walking around the house when I run into Katie. “WOAH, careful Tahlia, you might hurt someone” she says sarcastically. “Yeah but with that big backside you might send someone to Jamaica” I reply back at her. We both laugh and go to the kitchen to see if breakfast is ready. “Hey mum, what are ya making?” I ask, “Oh, your favourite, porridge”, “YUCK! You know I hate porridge!!” I yell at her. “Temper, temper, god Tahlia, you take things so seriously.” “Whatever mum, so what are we really having?” I ask again. “Hmm, well maybe eggs or cereal?”, “EGGS”.

More days and nights pass and I began to get a weird feeling that we haven’t had any encounters with the Calibri. I thought everyone was as well. About a day ago I was outside talking and hanging with the two sisters, Bree and Maddie from across the road, but other from that I haven’t seen anyone else-besides my family.
“Hey Lockie have you finished in the bathroom yet?” I yell out. “Well do you think he would, he’s still in there” Bastian says as he walks into his room to get dressed. He smirks at me then shuts the door. Lockie comes out from the bathroom. “Finally” I sigh as I walk in through the bathroom door. “Ha, ha, ha” he says as he walks off. I turn on the taps when I realize blood smeared on the wall. I dropped my towel and clothes in the shower and screamed. Mum and Sean come rushing in. “What’s all the noise?” Sean asks annoyed that I woke him up from his sleep. I point up at the mark. “Oh sweetie don’t worry it’s probably just from Lockie he may of cut himself” mum explained. Lockie walked in. “Huh, no I didn’t cut myself why?” I gave mum ‘I told you so’ look. We all stood there wandering where the blood came from. “Oh my god” I blurted out. I ran out of the bathroom and into my room. I knew where the blood came from. Straight away Katie, mum and Aunty Elizabeth come in, shut the door and sit on my bed-besides mum. “You know don’t you” Katie asked. “Uh, ah, yeah” I reply. “Where”? She asked again. “They come here at night” I started, “I’ve heard them, their screeching and scratching”. “Why haven’t you told us, Tahlia?” Mum asked, “Because I didn’t want to freak youse out and Lockie and that”. They looked at me, agreeing.

“Hurry, we’ve got to hurry”. I woke up to my aunties screaming. “Hurry we’ve got to go, NOW!” I jumped out of my bed and raced over to the others. “Come on” she mumbled to herself. I turned around and packed my stuff together in the same bag as Katie and her brothers. “Why, are we packing” mum asked in confusion. My aunty turned around.
“They are here”.
All my cousins stop and gasp. We stare at her in shock. “Uh, how do you know” I question her. She tries to make herself stop, but she couldn’t help but look towards the bathroom door and the window opposite her. “Uh no, NO!” tears roll down Katie’s face. “NO” she sat herself down and put her face in her hands. I touch her back to comfort her but her whole body was trembling. She looked up- eyes filled with fear and loss. As soon as Katie broke down her brothers started to cry as well, “NOW! LETS GO” my auntie was panicking to get us out of my house as quickly as possible.
In the end auntie Elizabeth ended up dragging us kids out into the car while mum and Sean carried our stuff and put it into the boot. She started the car and turned around to us. “Keep looking ahead; straight ahead don’t look out of the windows, ok”. We all nodded our heads. Once mum and Sean had got the things in the car and sat in their seats, my auntie took off. I don’t remember much from that point except for the attack.
It came so fast, the wild animals throwing themselves against our car. We were all screaming. Mitchell was crying and I was told to hug him and Katie and I were supposed to calm down our brothers. Ethan was the worst. He was looking out the window, “Nooo!” Aunty Elizabeth screamed at him. I couldn’t help it. I had to look. I turned my head just the slightest and screamed, “Tahlia, what the hell?” mum screams at me. Everyone was looking at me and mum now. Ethan was wimping a little bit. Auntie Elizabeth didn’t turn, just kept her eyes on the road. “What did you scream for?” mum glared at me. “Nothing” I told her.
Hours pass until we got to our destination-my grandma’s house. We got our things from out of the car and put them into our rooms. As I out my things onto the bed Katie comes up behind me and looks me in the eye. “You saw it as well didn’t you?” “Yeah did you see it as well” I asked her. “Yep, I was gonna scream as well but you went before me so, yeah”. Katie told me under a giggle- I liked Katie she’s like a sister from another mum and dad; we get on like a house on fire. Grandma walks in and tells us to get some wood from outside. She tells us that the little devils haven’t come this far yet so we still have enough time to be prepared for when they do.
While we were out the back I was getting the insight of grandma’s farm. I took a little longer than the others but it was worth it when I found a sign which read:
I was curious on how and why it was there. It got me thinking. “Tahlia, hurry up and get inside” Bastian called. “Yeah hurry up slow coach” Katie laughed as she walked past, Ethan holding her hand while carrying pieces of broken bark.
“Mmm, that was nice” we all said sharing each other’s compliments of grandmas meal. She smiled at herself with delight. She turned the tap on for the dishes when she screams. We all stoped and ran over to where she was standing. “Argh, what is that?” Mum asked, “Ewww” Lockie complained- then gagged. I walked over to where all the commotion was happening. I peered over at the sink and almost gagged myself. “Ugh that’s so gross” I went along. There was blood in the sink, well in the water anyway. “Soo, whose gonna see where that came from?” Sean asked. We all looked at him. “Well nice for you to offer Sean” I told him. “Huh ok but only if I get someone to show me where the pipes begin- WELL nice for you to put your hand up Tahlia” he came back at me- making the last bit louder than the rest. “HAY I was scratching my head not putting my hand up, for your information!” I yelled back. “Well come on lets go”

Well here I am, sitting on a log out the back with Sean on top of the roof. “Ewww yuck, you should take a look at this Tails” Sean says. I glare at him through the darkness. “Why would I want to look at it?”- I backchat to him- with as much as attitude as I can. I hear footsteps come up behind me. I quickly turn round with a warm feeling against my face. “Uhuh, you scared me” I confessed. “Huh huh” auntie Elizabeth laughed. She looked down at me from where I was sitting. “Hey, Libby, come get the ladder and pull yourself up here and take a look at this” Sean yelled. “Oh do I have to” Elizabeth mumbled under her breath as she walked off towards the ladder. I looked at them in the darkness. Auntie Elizabeth was mums sister in-law, but Sean didn’t want anything to do with her.
Minutes after Elizabeth came out the rest of the family did. Grandma followed by mum, Ethan, Katie, Bastian, Mitchell and Lockie. Grandma walks over to where I’m sitting and asks me what Sean and my aunty were doing. I just shrugged my shoulders. What could I have said to be honest? “Mum what on earth are you doing?” Katie asked. “Hey baby girl, could you please get me a garbage bag?” Katie was asked from her mother. “I will. Katie probably won’t even have the guts to look or stand the smell of whatever’s up there”. Bastian butted in. I could see that Katie was probably ready to mouth off at her brother but she kept her mouth shut for some reason. We all listened to the silence- except for Bastian banging and noisiness from inside the house. Few minutes passed as he finally came back with the biggest bag I’ve ever seen. “Hey peoples, would this be biggest enough?” Asked Bastian with a massive smirk on his face, my auntie saw the bag and started to climb down to get it. As she got to the ground the moon came out. She was talking but I could not see one person concentrating what she was saying. We were all looking at her face- or should I say red, bloodstained face. My cousins were quivering in fear. Elizabeth pauses on what she was saying and walks past us and into the outside bathroom, to look in the mirror. She screamed. Katie runs off to comfort her mum while my mum races up to give the plastic bag to Sean and to look at his face as well.
To our surprise Sean’s face was clean.

I had a restless night that night. I guess it started to hit home on everything that was happening. It was actually quite peaceful just lying listening to the rain full lightly onto the tin roof. I was lost in my thoughts, thinking about my life, Uncle Jim. To be honest none of us know if Jims alive or not, we just assumed because of all the screeching and noises the Calibri were making when he left. In the night I could feel an intense feeling run up my leg. It felt like it was in pain- heaps of pain. I suddenly shot up in bed and grabbed hold of my right leg. I squeezed it tightly. “Ahhh uh” I squealed. The pain got worse. I kept screaming until about everyone was awake and in my room- besides Katie, she was in there sleeping the whole time. Mum came rushing in but I was still screaming. The pain wouldn’t go away. Auntie Elizabeth came in with an ice-pack and a towel. Her face was still stained but only a light pinkish colour.
Half an hour passed and I was still grabbing my leg with tears of pain running down my face. Everybody was rushing round for me. Lockie was on the phone to the ambulance, while Katie was doing what Lockie was being told from the operator, there was so much commotion happening but slowly screams faded out of my throat and silence filled my ears. Suddenly everything went black.

I looked helplessly at my cousin. I knew she didn’t make it but I was too scared to tell anyone. Lockie was still raving onto me to what the operator was telling him to do. When I didn’t answer him he pressed the red button on the phone and dropped it. His pale blank face just shed silent tears. Mum was rushing around with Marnie- tears falling as they’re going. Marnie gave a quick glance over to her daughter and notices what had happened. “No, No, No” she kept repeating as she grabbed the lifeless body. Her cries got everybody’s attention. Bastian walked past the doorway with Sean. They both gasped. Sean ran over to his fiancée and hugged her, both tears in their eyes. Grandma was standing in the opposite room with a pillow held to her chest. “I knew they shouldn’t have come here” she mumbled under her breath. She saw me looking at her and knew I had heard what she had said. She quickly turned away to look like she was busy doing other stuff.
I raced after her. Once I caught up to her, I through the ice-pack I had in my hand onto the floor. “WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?!” I screamed at her. Her body jumped as I yelled. My grandma turned around with surprise. “What’s the matter darling?” She asked all sweetly.
“Oh don’t give me that crap, my cousin is dead and you don’t even care!” I shot back. “Oh I do care, but not just yet. I’m letting your aunty say her goodbyes to her daughter” she sighed. “Huh, yeah well why’d ya say that we shouldn’t have come here?” I questioned. “OK FINE” she screamed at me. “Your grandpa when he died, he died here; ok you got me so far?” I nodded. She continued: “well when he died the family was a war. Your mother just fell pregnant with Ethan and your father was away for a few months and knowing your grandpa he thought she cheated on Jim. Tahlia’s mum got involved and Tahlia lost you as a cousin, straight away when she needed you for support. Your mum lost contact with us and your grandpa passed away with that hatred still inside of him.” A tear rolled down her face but she continued on.
“Your father came back and heard about all of this and took it out on your mother and me. The arguments went on forever until Elizabeth gave birth to Ethan then things started to settle down when he was proven Jims.” she stopped. “Yeah but what about Tahlia’s death” I cried. “Hmm, well your grandpa’s spirit is still here and knowing what he thought your mother did he’s getting back at her”, “Yeah but what does Tahlia got to do with it?’ “Well I’m not sure but he didn’t kill her”. I looked at her with mixed feelings. I turned back around and headed for Tahlia’s room with her mother’s cries filling every room. I stood at the doorway in silence.
I stood at my cousin’s grave. I could faintly see the sun rising. I guess it is dawn. I looked around me and cried silently. My mum walked away and my aunty Marnie was a distance away from her daughter’s grave. My brothers were inside catching up on some sleep. I looked at the grave stone. I looked further into the distant fog and saw another grave. I raced over to it. As I went I noticed that I was walking deeper into the forest and the fog was getting thicker and thicker. I pulled away some tree vines and knelt down next to the grave. I studied the symbols and looked over at the name
, In Loving Memory of Harris Joe Jr.
I was surprised to what I saw. It was my grandpa’s grave. It had no message only his name, birth year and death. I peered behind my shoulder to see if anybody was looking at me. Everyone was inside. I left the gravesite and walked deeper into the forest- or woods. I was thinking of going back past where Tahlia saw the explosives she kept talking about it last night when I was in her room, so I did.
Ugh this is gross I thought. I continued deeper until I walked past some fire wood. I knew that I was close. “Just around here” I said to myself. I walked around this massive tree until I saw the sign.
I stood they in sadness, this was the last thing that Tahlia talked about before she died. I quickly wiped a tear away from my cheek as if someone was watching me. I’ve felt like that for a while now for some reason. I took a deep breath as I walked over to the sign. I threw my backpack onto a patch of grass near my right foot and took out pair of pliers. I held them in my hands and studied the padlock on the fence. It looked like it was old and rusted so that should make it easier to cut through.
At first I didn’t know what I was doing, it sort of came to me like a vision. I stood there pliers in hand, looking at the work I had done-I was pleased.

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