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To Be Forgotten
To Be Forgotten

To Be Forgotten

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Moss impatiently kicked their feet into the wall they leaned against as they waited for David. Ghostguide was humming a soft tune as he let his head rest against the wall below them, sitting on the dirty floor and his long slender fingers playing with the sleeves of his sweater.

Ghostguide was a tall and lanky man and had a bluish tint to him and was partly see-through. Moss liked him very much, he was very cheerful and had a constant need to make others happy, something that made being a comforter and guide in the end world perfect for him. Moss spent most of their time with him, and he had been one of their closest friends as they had waited for David to join them.

Shadow people were already sitting in wait for the train and they only multiplied as it finally swooshed into the station, brakes screeching as it came to a stop.

After a moment more the tall shepherd appeared, a small child in his arms. The doors of the train opened and the shadows hurried inside the poorly lit compartment.

“Oh, another little one?” Moss asked, leaving their position on the wall and moving to David's side. The child wasn't very old, maybe two or three years old with long pink hair and hybrid features. Moss was always sad to see children here, just the thought of the youth they would never live hurt them.

David nodded, rocking the child softly. His dark eyepatch reflected off the poor light around them. Ghostguide floated up to their sides as more shadows hurried into the cars.

“Accidentally abandoned in the cold. But they are safe now.” David said softly, smiling as Ghostguide leaned forward and whispered something soft to the child.

“Oh, that's good!” Ghostguide said with a cheerful tune in his voice, standing upright again. “They will be warm in Mother's embrace. Let's take them home!”

David's smile widened across his face and Moss felt a smile cross theirs. “Let's do that.”

Ghostguide took the lead and led them into the train and the others were close behind them.

“Any family?” Moss asked and David was quick to shake his head.

“But a caretaker or Nickolas can care for them till somebody comes for them.” David said, moving to a nearby seat and sitting. Moss just reached up and took a strap that hung for the ceiling and Ghostguide was already halfway down the train, offering a crying soul kind words and gentle rubs on their back. Moss could hear the sounds of a guitar float down the train, making the small space only a bit less gloomy.

Moss watched David closely as the train began to move again. David had gotten to be so much older than them but was still so young. Youth still glowed in his green eye. Twenty-five was too young to die.

“When do you think the others will join us?” David finally asked, his voice low so only Moss would hear.

Moss considered that for a long moment. Unlike David, they hadn't left many people behind. “Better not be for a long time. they better live long long lifes so that they can get what we didn't.” They decided.

David smiled lightly at that. He glanced at where Ghostguide had begun humming to the person he was comforting. “Do you think my family think about me, or do you think they have moved on and forgotten me?”

Moss let out a cheerful laugh. Any worry or doubt in David's uncovered eye was instantly gone and he smiled wider. “They better have moved on Cyclops, but forgotten you? Really? I bet they all think about you all the time.” Moss paused. “At least they better.”

“I miss Fawn. I miss all my friends. I wish you had gotten a chance to meet them all before you died.” Davids smiled faded as he brushed long hair out of the sleeping child's eyes. It was soft, gentle.

His years alone made him soft, Moss thought to themself, those people he loved must have made him this way, but Moss didn't mind. They liked soft David. They reached out and took his hand, him adjusting the child in his arms slightly to get a better grip.

"I hope they live and get everything we're missing out on. I just don't want them to forget me. ” David continued, his voice breaking slightly,

Moss nodded. “They won't.” They said confidently. "I don't think it would be possible to forget you."

They knew that David wouldn't be forgotten. David was too unforgettable for that.

"Thank you." David whispered, squeezing their hand for comfort.

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19 Oct, 2021
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