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The Unknown Girl (Pt 1)
The Unknown Girl (Pt 1)

The Unknown Girl (Pt 1)

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Three Years ago

Adam asked me out today! It was so cute. He really likes me and i can’t believe it! We're going out tomorrow night! It’s gonna be amazing!

Present day

I set the journal down. "Nothing can change the past. I can't warn myself of what's was going to happen anymore than i can change my future. " I mutter to myself. I get up and leave my room. I walk down the stairs. Adam has yet to text me or call. Nothing new. He got out of school an hour ago. And not even a text telling me he’s on his way home or that he remembered our date tonight. I sigh and dial his number. Three rings. Then his answering machine.

“You’ve reached Adam’s cellphone. Please leave a message and i will call you back when i can.”

“Hey, Adam. It’s me… again. Just wanted to say hi. And make sure you were alright. Text me when you can.” i say politely. “I love you” i hang up.

Three years ago

Me and Adam have been dating for a month now and it’s only getting better. Adam is stressed, but i can calm him down most times. I really love him. I think he is going to be my forever.

Two months after that

Adam hit me tonight. We were fighting because he didn't like the dress i was wearing and i reminded him that it was the same dress i had worn on our first date that he had complimented. And he told me that i wasn't treating him with the respect he deserved and slapped me across the face. Right after that, he pulled me into his arms and apologized. Told me he would never do it again. Said he would make it up to me and that he loved me.

Present day

I scoff. “If he truly loved me he wouldn’t beat me or hurt me the way that he does. If only i could leave him.”

It’s been four hours since i called Adam and still no response. I try calling him again.

“What the hell do you want? This is the second goddamn time. You had better be hurt or dying. And if you aren’t i will deal with that when i get home.”

“I just wanted to ask you when you were coming home and make sure you were alright. You should’ve been home hours ago”

“I will be home whenever i feel like it. Am i clear? And it doesn't matter when i should be home. Just know, i WILL be home and when i am… You will be sorry you pissed me off.”

There’s a girl’s laugh in the background.

“Is someone there with you?”

He hangs up.

I call my parents.

“Hey, this is Andrew and Emily Thorne. Please leave a message and if we want to talk to you we will call you back! Thank you!”

I hang up and start crying. “I just want this all to end!” i sob. There’s a shuffle behind me.

“Please don't cry. No one so beautiful should ever cry.”

“Who- who are you?”

“My name is Jeff. And i would like to take you somewhere else. Somewhere where you will be happy. May i?”

I turn around and see a boy in a blood-splattered white hoodie. He has a smile carved into his face but his real mouth is turned down in concern.

“Happy? I don't even know what that word means anymore.”

“Then let me show you.


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18 Apr, 2019
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2 mins
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