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The Unknown Girl (Pt 2)
The Unknown Girl (Pt 2)

The Unknown Girl (Pt 2)

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Jeff didn’t ask me a lot of questions about my life. In fact, he seemed to need me to know who he was before I made any decisions. He refused to let me pack anything until I knew everything about him. And despite the fact that I told him I didn't need to know everything about him, he disagreed.

“You need to know everything. And if after you still want to come with me, then that is up to you. But you need to understand who I am before you make this choice. Alright?”

“Alright. But I highly doubt I will change my mind about this.”

“My real name is Jeffrey Woods. But you humans know me as Jeff The Killer.” A gasp escapes me and he looks up at me from his seat on the floor. “Please let me finish before you say anything.” He pleads. I nod and clench the sheets under me tighter. His lips try to form a smile. But the end result is a grimace. I smile encouragingly. “My family moved me and my brother to a new town. I hated it there. My parents didn’t really care about me and Liu. They were too busy working and ignoring each other to really care. Me and my brother were moved in for less than a day before we started getting picked on. You see, we lived in ‘that house’. The house everyone considered trash. It wasn’t trash. The only problem was that it had a gravel driveway instead of a cement one.” He rolls his eyes.

“Continue on please. The more you try to procrastinate, the more I worry and think about changing my mind.” Jeff’s eyes flash up to mine again.

“Please don’t! At least let me finish first! Before you make any sudden decisions.” He looks worriedly at me.

“Fine. But please, make it quick and try not to hide anything from me. I almost always find out the truth.” I request. He is quick to agree.

“Alright. Well, Me and my brother got into a fight with three other kids. All boys, of course, I would never hit a woman, and I beat them up. My brother had to step in and stop me, though. I had lost myself in the sadistic pleasure of getting payback. When we got home, there were cops waiting for us and they started saying we had started it. When we hadn't. But it still bothered me and i kept snapping back at the Officer. When the officers left, me and my brother were in our rooms. Our parents called us downstairs later to discuss what was going to happen. They sent Liu away... There was a fire… I was burned… My parents… they only saw the scars. The ugliness… And i killed them… i killed both my mother and my father… my brother i left alive. I told him i loved him one last time before i left… and i found Slenderman. I’ve lived with him since then… I wanted you to know, I’m a monster. A murderer. A freak. But if you would like to come with me… then the offer still stands…” He looks at his hands. Right as i open my mouth to reply, there are footsteps on the stairs.

“You need to leave! Now! That’s my boyfriend and he’s mad enough as it is! Please go!”


“Text my cell. I will text back when I am alone.” I scribble my number on his hand. Right as the door opens, Jeff jumps onto the fire escape. Adam saunters in.

So you thought it would be alright to call my cell phone multiple times… Try to DEMAND answers from me… and accuse me of things… Now, I could’ve ignored the first two… but ACCUSING me of harsh things like cheating… tsk… You should know better than that.” He slowly starts towards me. I feel my hands start trembling. “You should be scared. You made me really mad. Are you proud of that? Are you happy that you made me mad?” I back into the wall, knowing that this is going to get really bad, really quickly.

“B-baby, please don't hurt me… I’m sorry. I am so so sorry. I should never have-” I don’t see his hand until it collides with my cheek, splitting my lip. My head snaps to the side and collides with the wall. A small cry erupts from my mouth as I hit the ground, my stomach throbbing where his fist hit. My cheek burns and i can practically feel it swelling. “Please! Please stop! I’m sorry!” I scrabble backwards as he draws his foot back to kick me. He growls. “I didn't mean to make you mad at me, i swear! I was just worried! W-we were supposed to go out tonight!”

“And you and your bullshit fucked that up! Tonight was supposed to be a good night! But now look what’s happened! I have to spend the night hearing you whimper about how badly I hurt you.” He kicks me in the side and a scream breaks free. Tears streak down my face and i curl in on myself. I whimper softly. “Shut up! Just shut the hell up you worthless piece of shit!” He kicks at me. I suddenly hear shattering glass and a loud THUMP! I’m in too much pain to look. “Who the hell are you!?!

“A friend of hers. How dare you hurt her like this! Is this what you call love? She doesn’t deserve anything like this!”

“How would you know!?! Are you fucking her?”

“No! But no human being on Earth deserves this kind of treatment! Get your things, beautiful, even if you won't come let me make you happy, let me take you somewhere you know you will be safe.” I uncurl and look up at Jeff. Jeff’s eyes hold rage as he takes in my swelling cheek and split lip. I struggle to me feet and pack a duffel bag with clothes. “How dare you do this to her!?! Who the hell do you think you are! You have no right to hit her or punish her!

“Then take her. Not like anyone loves her anyway.” The words are ice cold.

“That’s what you think. Someday, I will prove you wrong.”

“Doubt it. When you get tired of her… don’t bring her back.”

“I would never bring her back to be beaten, lied to, cheated on, and berated by someone like you” Jeff looks at me as I silently walk over to him, trying to put the duffel bag on. He smiles as he takes it from me. “Ready to go?” I nod and try to smile back. Jeff wraps an arm around my waist and guides me to the door.

“I want to be with you… If you still want me.” I murmur softly as we walk down the cold New York sidewalk. Jeff smiles.

“I will always want you”

Author Notes: There will be more if y'all want it.

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24 Apr, 2019
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