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The Unknown Girl (Pt 4)
The Unknown Girl (Pt 4)

The Unknown Girl (Pt 4)

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I slash at the rubber dude in the backyard with a katana, leaving my whip wrapped around my wrist like a bracelet. It jiggles, making me giggle. “Focus, beautiful.” Jeff reminds. I sigh and throw the katana down.

“I’m done.” I say, looking at him. He sighs.

“You need to know how to protect yourself.” He says, starting to get annoyed. I clench my teeth.

“And I know how to defend myself .” Jeff stands up.

“Oh. That's why you let yourself get beaten for god knows how long! Because you knew how to defend yourself!” Jeff shouts, finally snapping. I jerk my chin up.

“I was beaten daily because Adam was a sociopath! Not because I couldn’t defend myself! But I didn’t defend myself because I didn’t want to be like him! Causing pain! But I guess I should’ve became just like him, huh? Been an abusive son of a bitch! You killed your goddamn family because you couldn’t fucking control yourself! Adam beat the shit out of me because he couldn’t control himself! Where’s the difference!?!” I scream back. Jeff stalks to be in my face. I don’t flinch. “Oh, now you’re gonna get in my face and try to be a big man, huh? I guess you two aren’t all that different” I spin on my heel. Jeff grabs my arm and spins my back around to face him. His grip is tight and slightly painful.

“I am nothing like him. I killed my family because I had no choice. You had a damn choice- oof!” I had just kicked him in the nuts.

“No. I didn’t! Had I fought back, I would’ve been beat worse!” I stalk off, and this time Jeff lets me.



“You know, Jeff is pissed as hell at himself for what he did to you.” EJ says. I scoff. “It’s true, Carrie. He hates himself for it. But, it was a week ago, Care. he needs you to talk to him.”

“Well, I don't care. He can swallow his knife.” I snap. EJ sighs but doesn’t push the issue.



A few nights later I wake up screaming. I cry softly into my hands, wanting nothing more than to forget everything that’s happened to me in the past 4 years. After a few minutes, I begin to realize that I’m not gonna be able to calm down anytime soon by myself.

I climb out of bed and pad down the hallway to Jeff’s room. Silently, I open the door and peek in. He’s asleep. I walk in and close the door with a soft click. Jeff doesn’t stir. I crawl into the bed next to him and he turns towards me and wraps his arms around me. “Hey, beautiful.” He murmurs in my ear.

“Hey, Jeff.” I curl closer and nuzzle my face into his chest.


“Shh… Just get some sleep. You were forgiven a while ago. I was more embarrassed at my reaction to you and what I said, than mad at you. “ I whisper. He pulls me slightly closer and we drift off to sleep.

Author Notes: Should I make them an item? I feel like I'm drifting that way... Should they be a relationship?

Jeff still doesn't know her name. I should have that come out soon, lol

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17 May, 2019
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2 mins
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