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The Unknown Girl (Pt 5)
The Unknown Girl (Pt 5)

The Unknown Girl (Pt 5)


I wake up alone. I hear the shower running and sit up. Jeff’s room is neat. The walls are grey, the bedspread black. There’s a small box on the pillow next to me. I ignore it and get up. I lightly knock on the bathroom door.

“Give me a moment, beautiful” Jeff calls. I clear my throat and call through,

“Jeffy, i am gonna go back to me room now-” the water shuts off and suddenly he’s in front of me with a towel wrapped around his waist. I turn red. “U-um-”

“Let me get dressed first. I need to talk to you. Because we seem to be at a miscommunication here.” Jeff mutters. I shake my head. He grabs my chin with his thumb and forefinger and makes me look at him. Without a thought, I tilt my head and press a kiss to his thumb. His breath catches. “Beautiful…” he murmurs. I look up at him. “Are we on the same page here?” he asks. I shrug. “Let me at least get pants on. Ok?” I nod and go sit on the bed. He goes back into the bathroom and closes the door. I look at the small box and pick it up. I open it. There’s a necklace inside. Silver with a little knife on it. There’s a diamond in the handle and a very small ruby on the very tip. I gasp and set the box down. I say softly,

“That’s too much. There’s no way this is for me-” Jeff calls from the bathroom.

“Hey, EJ told me you chose yourself a new name. What is it?”

‘Carrie Ann.” i call back. Jeff comes out of the bathroom.

“I am falling in love with you.” he announces. Like it didn't just make my whole world stop.

Author Notes: part three never uploaded so i will be trying again

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19 Aug, 2019
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