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The Unmarked Ship

The Unmarked Ship

By Mitzi Danielson-Kaslik

Almost silent. Almost motionless. Damp sand upon the roughly sketched shoreline, almost untouched. White foam revokes all that once remained. A deep black outline sits upon a bed of jagged rocks. Upon the horizon, a dark void where the sun should rise. Towards the heavens, the pale moon, alight with the luminance of a thousand candles glistens beneath the shroud of cloud, a dull, mundane veil of white incarcerating the secrets of a million souls wishes dreams and nightmares. The veil obscures the full moon as if to protect the scene that lies beneath from its lunar luminance. The moon itself; a perfect glassy orb hovering high in the twilight sky: shins despite the obstruction the veil poses creating a spotlight on the scene below.

Below the illumination, an inky black sea thick with crushed white ricocheting against the jagged eroded rocks; mundane broken teeth weathered by time and the foaming white of the mouth of this deadly water. The waves crash and break emitting a sound that appears to echo for mikes around this place. The moon is gently reflected in the water. Upon the jagged crown of rock, a silhouette; strong against the midnight sky stands still and proud. The stern, a thick shade of black, a shell, giving way to the webs of rigging stretched out high to the heavens. Upon the front of the ship, a mermaid carved into the wood as if to protect it from the destruction of the waves. The luminance of above displays perfectly the masts and tightly furled sail as if markingtime for something: what this could be remains unknown. Atop the silhouetted ship waves a large tatty torn black pennant flying upon the subtle wind. It too is standing by. Despite its color, it too is clear as day against the night sky. Beneath, white horses wash awaits the sabs from the shore, creeping everhigher; not washed away are two small human foot prints indented, fresh, leading away from the sea and the ship. All else was washed away by the curse of time.

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About The Author
Mitzi Danielson-Kaslik
About This Story
16 Apr, 2019
Read Time
1 min
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