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The Us That Died
The Us That Died

The Us That Died

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Now we are back at the begining

Like we died and are starting over in a new life

In this life we are strangers

Very close strangers with a past that no one else remembers but us

We both have a tendency to look for each other

As we see a string that is no longer severed

I know he has seen it; we lock eyes and freeze

Wanting to run up to each other, to be greatful for a second chance

But we both look away

He is guilty for what he has done to me

And I am ashamed for convicing a blind man that he is my ever after

Just to forget that I am fated to someone else

And he falls for it just as fast as he falls for me

Today the blind man tells me

I am the best thing that has happened to him

And all at once I am filled with regret

Regret for taking advantage of a man who can not see

Because my love is a double edged knife

And at this moment I'd like to dissappear

To forget that I loved him

To forget he even exists

To forget that everything I write is about him

All diferent universes

One where he loves me just as much as I love him

One where, you, my sweet blind man are no longer in love with me

The one where you finally take off your blind fold

And one where I finally love you

I write all the versions of us

Never of you always of him and how much I wish it was about you

I watch as you write our stories

All of the ones that haven't died,...yet

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About This Story
5 Jun, 2019
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1 min
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