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⬆The Voices Above⬆
⬆The Voices Above⬆

⬆The Voices Above⬆


Day 1

I have been witnessing something weird, at night times lately..but my mum just says ``your imaging it and you've been watching too many overaged movies with dad`` but I dont think thats it, I think there is something fishy going on and I'm not gonna let it keep happening.

I start walking upstairs and yes I do go to bed at 7:50, but I'm only 8 so what do you expect? anyway as I do walk up my mum and dad are exactly behind me following my lead. I walk over to my bedroom door not wanting to enter, nobody knows what could be inside there.. my mum goes out her way to say its not real but she cant have a night not sleeping beside dad!!

I finally enter after getting the courage, the room is silent. my mum tucks me into bed following the words ``Goodnight sweetie, sweet dreams`` mum and dad leave the room. I sit up and look around until I feel cold air enter my spine this is when I knew something was behind me but I didnt want to look I couldnt look back, do I shout for mum and dad? what do I do, my heart suffers in a panic wanting to let out tears so bad but I hold them in clinging onto my blanket and rocking myself back to sleep.

After a couple of hours, I wake up to that cold feeling again I'd had enough of this I turn around in a scurry to see what turns out to be my poster half falling of my wall no monsters to be seen until I start to feel a bumpy feeling from under my bed now I was sure enough there was a monster and it had slitherd under my bed as I turned around just a few seconds ago I start to sob and call for mum.

``MUMMM! MUMMMM THE MONSTER`` I screech, I start to feel the monster slither out from my bed and as I gaze up my door opens and closes..It left and now I would be in serious trouble. My mum enters the room running over to my bed panicing which now I feel terible because I dont even have any proof to actually get her to belive me! she settles me back in bed and the monster didnt return that night.

Author Notes: I'm taking a break from this, but I will continue writing this. enjoy reading day 1

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28 Mar, 2021
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1 min
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