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The Voyage of the Ambicore

The Voyage of the Ambicore

By Mitzi Danielson-Kaslik

The thick oaken beams that consisted the hard marked floor lay harshly pressed together and held in place by sharp rusting iron nails so the planks pushed and jostled for space. A thick red woven rug slept upon the beams with bright vibrant twisting patterns deeply emblazoned upon its scarlet flesh. Delicate fringing adorned the hem.

A small square table stood, pressed against the smallest wall in the room, adjacent to the low oval wooden door frame. It was gently adorned with a bright white unmarked linen table cloth fringed with pale fragile lace in elaborate patterns. A single red rose stood proudly and carefully balanced itself against the side of the crystalline jame jar that held it. Also upon the table top; a large coppery gramophone with heavily embossed spirals and curls in the metal. It jovially played a tinny waltz into the warm air.

A large white bed frame lay against the longest wall perpendicular to the table with delicate ivory sheets in fine cotton and brightly coloured scatter cushions in shades of midnight blue and red. A small red notebook with shining silvery letters emblazons upon its cover lay tossed upon the duvet. Aside, a small navy blue ink pen quietly rolled as the room shifted.

Two leather chairs with large heavy set studs lay opposite the door preceding a dashboard of cogs and gears and levers in a metallic coppery shade, proudly polished so they gleamed and shone reflected subtle rays of light that pierced the comfortable surroundings. The pieces perfectly joined together so as one component sprung into motion, the next followed and the next and the next until the entire boarded moved as one to form a system, guiding the way forth.

A huge circular window stood proudly in the cream shaded walls partly obscured by two parted sweeping navy blue crinoline curtains swaying slightly. They were held back by black tassels tied hurriedly in large messy double knots. Beyond the barricade of the window pane the translucent water with clear unspoiled blue corrupted by brightly coloured fish swimming in schools at great speed or hardly any pace at all. Huge strings of sea weed hung through the ocean suspended by an unknown source, swaying as the calm waves formed above. Bright moon beams from the sky miles above broke the watery surface and pierced the clear blue with the fury of the tempest.

A young man and woman stood alone intertwined in each otherโ€™s arms upon the crimson rug central to the room. They slowly danced to the music of the gramophone alone in this place of mystery and wonder. Alone, but not lonely. For they had the only company that could ever matter to them. Each other. They were the world in each otherโ€™s eyes.

The Ambicore continued its voyage into the beyond.

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About The Author
Mitzi Danielson-Kaslik
About This Story
19 Apr, 2019
Read Time
2 mins
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