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The Waiting Game
The Waiting Game

The Waiting Game


The game will start at an early age, when the very first time we say it out loud, 'I can't wait to grow up'. That tiny innocent voice, that short sentence will be like a trigger. Right away, life will answer saying 'challenge accepted, let the waiting game begin!'

We do indeed grow up, not realising right away, but it will happen faster than we imagined. The long waiting for Santa to come or for our birthdays will lose their importance. When we turn into adulthood, the waiting game will reach new heights.

As a daily routine we will wait for the end of the work day so we can wait in the lines at our local supermarket. Waiting for our bus or sitting in our car in traffic. Waiting to get home, waiting for our dinner to be done so we can go to bed, close our eyes and begin to wait until finally, we fall asleep.

Waiting in the doctor’s office for our turn, using the time to call our bank, just to get the message, 'please wait for the next available representative.... Waiting while we already waiting. Multitasking - multiwaiting.

We will wait for opportunities that might or might not come. Wait for love, and wait to start a family, because the time or the circumstances are not just right yet. But we will wait and never give up. By all accounts we should be professionals at waiting by now, yet we became impatient. We are all players in this game, unconsciously, while we live our lives to the fullest. A perfect game, with mandatory participation.

As we reach old age, there will be only one thing left to wait for and that’s the inevitable, unavoidable end of the game, death. Or so we think it is the end of waiting but we might be mistaken. Our soul now will wait for its turn to get a new body, to start a new life until yet again we say that magical sentence out loud. Then, we start a new game of waiting...

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10 Jan, 2018
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