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The Wallet Effect

The Wallet Effect

By Lucas_the_Doctor - 1 Review

The coat of spring had risen for the day, lighting up the land of green and trees. Birds flying from their homes to fetch a flight and shadows walk in the way. The breath of the air was like soap being used to clean up stuff unclean. The sky remained a cheerful blue, the sun shining every second and the clouds looping their rounds of travel within the ring.

A young man, Charles, with a jacket so dark and denim jeans showing off that he doesn’t care, sits by a bench. He loves to sit back and enjoy the spring, but he prefers to ruin it for others. And if others are not happy, then he is happy.

Then one day, Charles witnessed a man rushing past him.That man had lots of paper on him, shuffled and disorganized, almost taking off like a plane. The former cared nothing for that man, but he swore he heard the man repeat, “I’m so late, I’m so late, I’m so late-”. He sounded very terrified and scared about something.

Charles then noticed a wallet fall off from the man’s pocket, who didn’t pay attention and continued to scuttle his way on. He decided to approach the leather and brown wallet, even with sounds of whispers telling why he should not. He picked it up and decided to flap it open. Digging through, he discovered green worthed around eight-hundred. If it was worth that much, he should return it… but since returning doesn’t define him, he decided to keep the wallet for himself, “When one loses money, it earns me money.”

Putting the wallet into his own pocket, Charles walked the opposite direction of the man. He gave himself a smirk for his crimes, proud of being more rich then he could be in his entire life. He felt like celebrating his new high with lots of pride in himself.

He then noticed a man in a distance, far away but still within vision. It was his best friend, wearing a blue shirt as dark as the ocean itself and khakis, showing off his wavy orange hair. Charles tried to call out to him using his voice, but all that came out was a blank. Nothing was said, nothing could be said. He was confused by what’s going on, but felt maybe it was just a simple croak and decided to just go back to home.

While on his stroll, Charles looked at some birds in a tree, tweeting some songs and conversations, and decided to whack them out by tossing some stones at them. When he aimed for a smaller one, he decided to go there. However, while in the process of throwing, he felt his arm suddenly go stiff on him and the rock plummets to the ground. Even while making him mad over it, he then realized he couldn’t walk properly as each step he took felt rough and hard.

His best friend, noticing the issues going on from a mile away, ran to him, panting, “Oh no! What happened!? Speak for you, speak to me, speak any words! Please!” Charles continued trying, but now his mouth couldn’t move, not even a bit. He also couldn’t move his head left to right and suddenly, his movement came to almost a halt. The friend decided to help him home, holding on to him as he dragged themselves forward and on.

Soon, they made it back home, with no sign of anymore effects going on Charles. But just as the friend reached the door, he heard a loud cough and turned around. It was the same man from before, calm and laid back, and was more organized than his last appearance. He told the friend, “Thank you for finding my wallet.” Confused, the friend looked toward where Charles should be, but only in that place was the same stolen wallet, plummeted into the ground, without a trace that someone was possessed into it.

The man picked up the wallet and waved farewell to the bewildered friend, having not even a thought about what had just happened. The man while walking on, looked further towards the wallet, smiling to himself before putting the wallet back into his own pockets. He declared to himself, “There’s just no rest for the wicked, but they really should consider if trees actually grow money.”

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About This Story
10 Mar, 2020
Read Time
3 mins
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