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The Weird Days of My Life
The Weird Days of My Life

The Weird Days of My Life


I am Samuel Jackson. I am 13 and I have a pretty miserable life due to my cousin-brother. He is 11 and a big tattle-tale and a big idiot. His name is Tom Lawrence. The reason I am irritated from him because he comes to my house every day just to ruin it. I even try to tell my parents but they just say “He is your cousin Sammy.” Take today for an example- He knocked on the door which he usually didn’t so I thought that it was someone else and answered it. When I opened the door…


A bucket-full of water on my face. He bellowed “Happy HOLI! That’s a color festival in India.” He shows-off too much just because he travels too much BECAUSE Uncle Ben travels too much. I am kind of an introvert. I don’t like going out or hang out with my friends. I just talk with them. Though I like football in video-games. Yeah, definitely a normal day. This the lunch break and I don’t want to have any food so I left it in class.

So, I was hanging out with my friend Brian. When I heard a snicker behind me. I ignored it but it seemed familiar and next thing I know is a water splash on my face and you know who is standing in front of me. That’s right. It was Tom with his friend Luke. Yeah, Tom also comes to Jerome Wallison Middle Schools. I really wished that I could control water and put end to his pranks.

That afternoon when I was going back to home I saw a booklet on a roadside tree, hiding in the intricate roots of the tree. I stopped there and thought that it was probably another prank of Tom, but after sometime I thought that Tom was receiving detention for a prank he played on his algebra teacher. I raced back to the tree and found it still there and tried to pull it out. It was kind of stuck so I had to use scissors to cut some of the roots to pull it out. When I got it out I felt a surge of energy and the smell of saltwater from the booklet. Probably I was hallucinating but it felt real. I opened it and it was…

Blank! I knew it was a prank probably done by my favorite cousin or his friend. Tom would be laughing his head off when he heard this. I was embarrassed. I will get him back for this if he would tell this to anyone in my class. On Tuesday I wore my father’s socks in a hurry and he saw that. That day was the worst day of my 13-year old life. My whole class was laughing their heads off.

Anyway, I just felt that I should keep it. It looked really remarkable. When I was home I went straight to my room and hid it on the cupboard, the only place where Tom can’t reach. After sometime when I was freshened up, Brian called me “Hey Sammy, you wanna come and hang out around.” I politely refused and started thinking about the booklet. I barred the door and brought it down. I opened it and saw something…

There was something written on it! But, it was impossible I checked it back in the park. I tried to read what was written in it and saw something about water. It said something in Latin but thanks to my Latin Teacher Mr. Troy I could read it. It ran like this “Water is alive. You just have to learn how to talk to it and work with it. It hates to be ignored. The person who has found it, think that you are fortunate. If you can read this, then you are worthy. I am Albus Gatherhold the former controller of water. Now, to your work. You have to go near a water source like a lake or a pool and try to think about saltwater and rainfall. Keep concentrating on it. And jump in the water and try to breathe. If you can then the water will speak to you. If not, then you will die. It’s as simple as that. But don’t worry, you will probably live. Probably. But promise me, you will not misuse it or the water will kill you and don’t tell anyone about it.”

I was left in a state of curiosity and fear. I wanted to do it but the risk was too high but I had to do it. I was the chosen one. The swimming pool would be good. I stood up and placed the booklet in my pocket and was on my way to the pool. On my way I saw Tom coming home. I hid behind a tree and after he went in is house I ran to the pool. I reached there in no time. I concentrated on saltwater and jumped in.

I was tried to breathe but my body wouldn’t do it but when I ran out of air I had to breathe. I sucked in the water…

I could breathe! I heard a melody. I saw a blue lady swimming in the water. She said “So, you are the one this time. Okay, I am Emma.” “Ma’am, what do I have to do.” I said. “Son, you did what should have been done. You have the power over water.” She answered “But what should I do, wear a cape and be a superhero?” I asked. “No child, you will have the power and it is your choice what to do. I will be here when you need me.” She answered and disappeared. I got out and went back to my house and went near the sink. No one was at home for now but will be back soon. I thought that I should try this power. I turned on the tap and tried to control it. After some time, I was swirling with water. “Cool!” When I stopped the water and willed it to go back in the tap, the water answered my command and went in. But, I was terribly tired by now, I don’t know why but I felt that I should sleep for some time. I went up and crashed into my bed. When I woke up I saw my family hovering above me. I sat up and said “What happened?” Dad answered “Sammy, you passed out in your bed, you have been sleeping for seven hours. What happened to you?”

I decided to not tell them about my powers. The next day I saw that the booklet had disappeared from my pocket! I searched for it everywhere and remembered that Tom would have been here and would have taken it. I raced to his house and saw media-men there taking photos of Tom. When I neared and saw that he was controlling water! I ran to the pool and jumped in and called for Emma. She appeared at once and said “Another boy came here Samuel, a boy named Tom. He threatened me that he would pollute the pool or shut it down. He wanted to know what you were doing here? I had to tell him. Now he too has your powers. I am sorry Sam.” I patted her shoulder and came out of the water and went straight to Tom’s house.

Within five minutes I was there and saw a huge crowd near his house. After a few steps I found that it was the media and you know who was the center of attraction. That’s right it was Tom playing with water. No, he was controlling water.

I went straight to my home and thought about what do I have to do. I had to stop Tom or the water will choke him and kill him. “Though he has played a billion pranks on you but he is your cousin Sammy.” My good-side said. “Bah, just let him die. So what he is your cousin. He embarrassed you in front of school.” said my bad-side. I decided to go with the good one. I went to his house and tried to talk him some sense but he wouldn’t just listen. I told him “Tom it’s dangerous. The water may kill you.” “Hey Sammy, I’m not listening to you. You’re just jealous that I too have powers.” He hollered at me and I left the room. I had to save him but how. I could only do one thing, wait. I went to Emma everyday asking for advice but in vain. After a week or so she told me that today he is gonna die and the power will leave him and join me. I had to stop him. Just then an idea came to my mind.

I asked Emma “If he doesn’t come in contact with water today, what will happen?” “That’s a brilliant idea Sammy. If you can do it he may live. Maybe.” Man, these water guys (and girls) are really a ray of sunshine. I went to Tom’s and asked him to drive us to the Arizona Desert. It was Saturday so I wouldn’t even miss my school! (Man, I sound nerdy) So, we were in the desert in no time (It’s not that far). I didn’t allow Tom to not even drink water and he started squirming and struggling for water and I wouldn’t give it to him thinking that it was for his own good (but I enjoyed doing it). After nightfall we slept and in the midnight I heard someone moaning in pain. I woke up and saw the water choking Tom.

I rushed to him and tried to control the water and pull it off him. I understood the water that day. It liked to be free and not to be controlled. At last I placed all my strength and pulled the water away from him. It worked! The water came out and steamed out. I straight went to my sleeping bag and went to sleep thinking that it was a bad dream. The next day paparazzi were here and I heard Tom telling to everybody that I was a water user. I tried to tell him that he shouldn’t tell them. The next day I was flooded with people and they asked me to shoe them my power. I tried to do it but couldn’t and they said that I was a fake. I was happy by that. That night I heard some gurgling and woke up and saw a man with a long beard saying “You did good.” And disappeared. The next day I took the booklet back to that place writing the same thing with my name. The day after that I saw another booklet, white in color. It said “Air is alive…

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28 Apr, 2019
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