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The Way I Lived

The Way I Lived

By novelisttobe

Danielle a troubled girl running from the law down 14th street.It was 10:00 pm at the skate park, Danielle and her two bestfriends,Alex and Jaden at a vacant lot near Harvey's Bar."You go down the alley Alex,Jaden you go on the football field and hide in the sckool, and i'll hit 14th street."Danielle yelled.As Danielle ran she watched Jaden hop the fence to the football field and Alex sprint down the alley in his too tight jeans and his skateboard in his hand.Soon after making sure they got away from the cops I hit 14th street and I hear sirens behind me."Danielle you cant keep running forever."the cops said.I didnt care, i kept running till i hit a dead end.I knew the routine all too well.They took me in for another scare with Gloria the drag queen at the police station.The next morning they called my no good mom and even she ended up calling my wealthy and rich daddy to come and save the day.The look on my dad's face was a mixture of great to see you babe and not again."Dani, what did you do now."Jessie said."Uhhhh...........breaking and entering.""How much and when's the court date."Jessie said."Ummmmm....court date is:November 4 and bail is $300.00."police officer responded.It was a silent car ride home to my moms; of course there were always going to be a couple of beer bottles on the way to the door.At least that's what i expected and when i walked into the doorway thats exactly what i saw."What's up Ma.""WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO NOW!."Ma said."Ma, it was just a breaking and entering,nothing really."I said."Nothing.Nothing.The judge said the next time you get into it with the law you could be seeing real jail time."She responded."And the judge said the next time your parol officer catch YOU gettin drunk on the front porch YOUR gettin serious jail time so dont come for me,MS.GETTIN DRUNK TILL YOU FALL ON YOUR FACE ON THE SIDE OF THE STREET!!"I yelled.I ran to my room and slammed the door.How dare she try to tell ME what not to do but she was just thiis close to being a crack head at age 30.I wish i could just live with my dad i like his house,it's big,roomy,and dont smell like cigarettes and beer bottles.It was court day finally let's just get it over with."DANI GET UP."Ma yelled.:"Uggghhh.""NOW DANIELLE!!"
"ORDER IN THE COURT.ORDER."The judge said."Danielle Hampton you have had a vandalism,petty theft and a breaking and entering charge in the last 3 years."Ok i'll give you two options either boarding school in California or Military School.The judge said."I'll take Military School for 200 Alex."I said ."Awww you have jokes huhh Ms.Hampton boarding school it is."He giggled."WHAT!!!NO DAD YOU CANT LET THEM DO THIS ITS NOT.NO!!!"I yelled.As we ride back home to pack for my terrible no good life in a place called Califorina.I see Alex and Jaden"Hey was up dudes so what happend with law."Alex said."Ummmm.........California,yeah it sucks but I'll call you guys."I said.Here at this stupid school we'll see what will happend next.
TO BE CONTINUED..........................................................

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About This Story
5 Nov, 2011
Read Time
3 mins
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