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The Wedding

The Wedding

By srilakshmi86

The Wedding!

The day dawned and it was an auspicious day for marriage but I would rather coinage it as the most idyllic day because, he came into my life which made my life the paramount.
The Wedding!.......
I, "Riadhini", a normal girl who just imagines me to be the in many forms of human's Personality , was so adamant, rude, and very polite, humble, to say, a combo of all human characters. I was not willing to accept myself to be a normal girl. And all these shattered into pieces after I met him, "Hrishesh". He was a Software Engineer and a simple man with dense creative upright thoughts and he made me realize who I am.
And on the day of Wedding, with trumpets blowing and blessings showered, he tied a knot to me and thereby we started sharing the affiliation "marriage". It was a short duration that before we could get to know each other, we had to fly off the Motherland with his exceeding duties ahead and thereby on the fourth day after marriage we landed in France, the European country famed for" Love". Temperature was very less so chillness blew me off where it took almost a week to acknowledge the climate. He is a man of acceptance. He survives any climate, situation, and handles everything with care and affection.
Days started off and I did not accept yet that am married and I hold some responsibilities in that life. I was so lethargic, so independent, and confused as the environment was entirely new yet I was so lucky to have as he cooks the very early morning even before I wake up and pack them up and prepares energy drink for the day and locks the door and leaves office. All these happen even before I open my eyes and think the morning arrived. By the time he arrives home I would be watching goggle-box or would be onto music or onto Chat with friends etc. He gives a smile and says a "hi" and gets in and starts preparing the food for night. When he tries to converse I would rarely mind that and would always mind my own business. Slowly when the monotonous jaded me, one good day, I started looking into the kitchen and as I knew the names of few items and dishes I started surfing the WWW and made a colorful dish for the evening supper. As usual he entered, the home by the dusk and said "Sweety, have you cooked anything, the smell perforates till the parkway." I did just nod the head and he added, "Let me give a try to it even without waiting a moment as my sweet heart strained for the day and took pains to prepare my Dinner." I was moved by those words and fell for it and as he gave a taste, surprisingly, the dish worked out well. His comments summed up and up and made me feel the best Chef of the world. And the day passed by and I had a new hobby added to my pastime list and then carried it over for the evening, yet morning lunch was still his duty.
And one day, I prepared an Italian dish and presented him after he came from office, expecting ultimate remarks and it was past 8 and both of us started the dinner where I could realize that the dish was not acceptable. I was in pathetic condition and helpless to convey it to him as if I could do to a stranger, before he did give a bite. He tried a mouthful, and I was expecting a series drive, when he said, "Honey, I guess I purchased the raw item without noticing the expiry of it. Shall we drop it off and if you could allow, can I prepare something else for both of us?" There I moved by his gracing words to escape my guilty feeling. I laughed and said, "You purchased it correctly but I made it expire". He added, "I know you will cook well, but just came to know that you also have a great sense of humor. I would like to know more about you, is it possible to get few time of yours to share it with me?" I was not accepting his statement as he seemed a stranger still to me. So I did not render a positive reply to his question and gave a rude look as if looking at a hostile. He Smiled and said, "That's ok Sweety, am sorry if I was aggressive by putting those words." Having said that, he prepared a good dish which survived me that night.
A month passed by in this fashion when climate settled a little and I could realize that I can step out of the main door of the house and hence , I, for the first time called his cellular phone and told him in a brash tone to come home quickly as possible and take me out somewhere. He did not say anything except for 'Ok' and arrived when clock struck the next 10th minute to my surprise.
He gave me a list of places to visit and asked for my opinion where I chose one and we started off. I just then knew he drives great. I was so astonished by the way he received me even after a hasty tone with which I placed my wish. I was then thinking, Oh What a lovely person he is, to be so kind to a person who did not respect him for the past one month and is obliging to fulfill the person desire. I was so happy on the day, when it turned bad after a few hours when we went to the hotel to dine. He ordered the same dish that I out gave badly. The moment he served it to me, I rose to the peak of anger and yelled at him. "So you brought me here just to insult and teach me to cook the food, right? Is that it?" He was shocked and yet remained silent and smiled and said, "honey, Shall I order something else if you grew aversion towards this food just because I bought an out dated product? The fault was mine. Please do not get irritated dear." And then slowly called the waiter and ordered the best dish for the day. While I was eating, he slowly moved the glass of water towards me and said again, "honey, I have heard you singing good at the door step, you should not spoil your voice by a scream and it's my advice to my sweet wife" after saying so he smiled at me.
That was the moment! Something banged on me and the Word wife highly taken aback me. I just realized. Oh! Am onto another family owning many new relationships and relationship holds. Am his Wife. Riadhini is not just Riadhini, is now Mrs. Hrishesh. I was drowned into a series of thoughts while we were getting back. I Could realize that I was yet in the attitude of just turning 16. Then that night something feared me and as I was not a normal girl, I could think, I was engaged into many different thoughts. The most appealing scare of mine that came into my mind was the intercourse activities between the bonding. I was so worried in losing my feminine as I could not spot the reason for it though. Slowly I started thinking all over the night about many things of how to behave and what to do and what not to do. In short, the do's and don'ts of Wife. I could gather from my memory that my mom used to prepare lunch for my father and would do all household works. This was the first thought that came into my mind. But on the other side of the brain, since I was a multi personality starrer, I was forced to think that, if I would do any other activity, I should also engage him. So I decided to be aggressive more and more to protect myself from him.
The next day morning began but blew me off since I was awake the same time when he was too. I could also recollect all his good behavior and hence just thought a while and decided to wake up and get something done as assistance for him. So I moved off the bed and slowly peeped into the kitchen where he was busy with the usual toil. I entered and asked, "May I help you on anything if I could "? And he said, "No darling!, I knew you did not fall asleep for the whole night and should be weary." Please let me know if I could get you something and let me know if you need anything else. I was little confused, happy, worried and with a muddle of all emotional state, I moved out without saying anything and just laid back. He started off his get-up-and-go for the day and I began to continue my lost thinking. Apart from all other thoughts, I started to think of him, and as time passed, the more about him I began to wonder about how he had been so far. Every single day ran into my mind and I could not imagine a person being so humble and noble. All incidents and moments flashed on my mind and I regretted my behavior and venerated his'. Suddenly, I ran to the hall from bed and gave a ring without even being in my conscious and when he picked up, I asked "You knew I was not asleep for the whole night, why did you not even bother to ask me?" He giggled and said "Dear, I knew you are very brave enough to handle and win situations and thoughts. I was waiting for your esteemed heart to give solution to it. If not your face would have reflected it by this evening and I was waiting for any golden chance for me to aid you." I Smiled a little at the corner of my chin but did not show him off and hanged the phone.
Evening arrived but time did not run as fast as it would go the other days because I was expecting his arrival eagerly. Usually he unlocks himself and gets in but this day, I had put an extra latch in the door so as to show him that I was waiting for him that day. He was very happy when he could see the extra latch and me opening it for him. And I could realize in his face. When he entered he said, " My dear brave wife, I could see clarity on your face, so I guess, you will not be needing my help today, are you fine or you want me to do something ? ". I was so happy and moved and said, "no am brave enough to make decisions and am clear." He nodded his said smilingly and I loved his smile though I had seen it hundreds of times. And started to prepare caffeine and said, "Reward for my brave wife and her brave decision". I accepted the coffee and asked, "What do you think would be my confusion and clarity?" He smiled very subtly and said "My dear beautiful little angel crossed 16 and realized it and got clarity of a perfect beautiful Woman". I could not do anything except for shedding tears unknowingly to him, when he also said, "I do not love to see dust in your eyes. Please wipe off." I laughed that moment and fell in LOVE with him. I asked him after a few hours how he had known of my confusions and he just replied 'that's what for I got married to you'. "I could not do anything but just feel blissful and joyful.
Few days ran away in a spark of eye lashing time, by then I started to be half way through wife for him. We used to roam a lot, visited lots of places, spend so much time, conversed oodles and I tried understanding him but in a slower fashion where he already won a distinction. I was accompanying him in all time except past 10 at night. This was the fashion of our life. I could hardly do anything he likes but he did nothing but what I liked. Few more days passed and it was time when he started to become closer to me. To say an instance, If I would prepare any dish, he would make me sit on his lap and feed me and then eat it. A single Cup was in the kitchen for coffee. He would always be with me and made me realize that he is onto my life in a depth tone.
One fine day, I ran out of brain box and was unnecessarily angry with him for an unknown reason. After he entered home from office, I could do nothing but shout at him and abuse him. He was so quiet that after sometime I realized that I was running some mistaking attitude and turned at him with angry face and asked furiously, " Don't you even know that am shouting and can't you even ask me what for the ire is ?" As usual he simply smiled at me and said " My dear little angel is inside my beautiful wife and as I was just thinking about her today, she herself presented in front of me, am speechless by your surprise dear so am sorry that I did not interrogate you. " And that was the moment I completely came down from furious tone to a complete normal tone and was just thinking off a smile where Hrishesh said, " Why is that your smile too angry that it is not peeping out of your mouth ? And that's the moment and for the first time I hugged him and apologized showing my other side personality. And asked him " Aren't you hurt by my activity? " he hugged me tightly and said " Yes dear, am hurt just because as I told you already you are spoiling your good tone by yelling and screaming. And I would request you not to do it in life time if you feel not to hurt me ". And I felt that day, "yes, this is the man" . And I thanked God for such a wonderful husband.
Days gain rolled over to a few more weeks by then I started admiring him more and more and started learning more from him. To be silent, to calm down quickly from antagonism, to stay happy, to guide and help others, to understand others perspective, to make one laugh, to make them out of their pain, to make them forget their sorrows etc. And one fine day on a hot coffee, I conveyed all these to him and he just smiled at me with usual handsome looking face that looked so admirable than ever and day after day. And then came was the moment, I ran into heaven. I asked him why he did not even asked me anything for a physical relationship or even talked about it in the past ran months. And there he said, "Am just waiting for the moment that my cute Ria behaves as little angel in the day and turns beautiful woman angel at night." Hearing this I ran down into tears and burst out to cry and said, "I love you Hrish. I can't be without you even a minute in this birth. And my humble request is that please do not leave me ever and please forgive me for all my mistakes in my past and please accept my apology."
And there he said" Ria , You need not ask apology to yourself, as this is me whom you are seeing and am just you and you are just me". And added that, "Ria, It's between both of us that there is no need of apologies or forgiveness. You have all rights on me and I own you just to take care of you as you would love to."
With more crying tone, I asked, "Hrish , its always been one way, am always taking and you are always giving. And I have not done anything to you except for so many irks. Also I have never been like you , I have learnt a lot from you but have not implemented even one."
There he pulled me off from chair and rested me on his shoulder and said " My dear Ria darling, Its only you who have turned my life so beautiful and gave me golden opportunities like this to take care of you and have always been taking care of me. So you have done more than what I did. And also you have so many good things darling, the best that I should learn from you is to learn good characters from others and try implementing it. And hence you have more good qualities in life and you are already implementing it. You think from my perspective and realized me in you and hence have realized yourself" saying this he hugged me more closer and I demanded a kiss for the first time from him for which he waited many months.

And from there I completed my second half of the Wife's accountability and behaved as woman in bed after 10 at night for which he was very convincing and attracting and patient enough and of course was a good counselor. Later a year we had a beautiful Girl baby named "Riahrishini".
And am writing this story for her for her prospect to make her understand and learn good things and ignore bad things that could inculcate in her about "The Wedding" and life in it which I apprehended exquisitely through Hrishesh.

Author Notes: Srilakshmi.

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