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The WeekDays

The WeekDays

By Kat

She stomped around in a blind rage, hair a mess and eyes red. Her mouth hung half open, eyes unfocused. Tuesday followed her, trying to calm her down, but nothing worked. Her madness was something not many days could forget.

He tried to be mellow, but some things were a little stressful when you followed Monday everywhere. He loved her, he really did, but sometimes her rage was something he just couldn't get around. He was a cheery person in the right moments.

Wednesday is usually an exciting day, with his happy attitude and understanding nature. He usually avoided Monday's sharp attitude and by doing that he had to keep his feelings to himself. Tuesday didn't like it when Wednesday complained about her.

She's usually anxious and unwilling to try new things. She just wants to be with Friday, who unsuccessfully tried millions of times to make Thursday a little more herself. She usually just sticks around daydreaming and waiting for her shift to be over.

He's a riot, most people fancy being near him and await the day he arrives with anxiety. He's a vacation to most people and loves hanging out with Thursday, no matter how boring she might seem. Saturday is usually a friend, but they have their moments.

She is fun and tries to beat Friday every moment she can. Every exciting and amazing thing happens when she's around, weddings, get togethers, proposals.... all she can ever think about is having fun, and regrets that she was put so close to other rival days.

To some people he may seem a little too religious or uninteresting, but inside Sunday feels like he should be able to pick what he is. His favorite thing to do is curl up on the couch with a good book and some relaxing music playing, happily entertaining himself quietly.

Author Notes: Does this count as a story? Wrote it a while back.

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2 Jan, 2017
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