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The Weight of Water
The Weight of Water

The Weight of Water


My English teacher is interesting. He loved his students and they loved him back, including me. At the beginning of each of his classes, he would tell a story. There was once a story that really stuck out to me. It was a rainy day. It was a Monday I remember. The sky was grey and the sun was nowhere to be seen. It was the Friday before the finals week in mine. I had to run from my car to class without getting my backpack wet. I chose a seat in the middle of the class, in front of the board. Just as the bell rang, he strolled into class. He held a glass of water in his hand. The professor walked up to his desk and placed his stuff back down and leaned against the desk.

He started by holding up the glass of water. He asked us how much the glass of water weighted. We took guess. Some said it depends on what the glass is made out of, others said guessed around 50 grams. He surprised us by telling us he didn't know. He began to pace around the room. He told us that if he held the glass for a couple of minutes it would seem light. But if he held it for an hour, it would start to feel heavy, he said if he held it for over a day, his arm would grow so tired it would force him to drop it. We all shook our heads in agreement. Then, to our surprise, he stated that this glass of water was like stress. At first, we were all perplexed. Then he explained. He stated that the longer you hold on to your stress, the heavier it will feel and more anxious you will get. He said we must be like our arm, forcing ourselves to drop these stresses and move on. To our genuine surprise, he dropped the glass. The glass of water shattered on the floor and released the water all over the floor. He pointed to it and said: " Be like that arm. Drop all of the stresses from that day and move on." I was a student who was very stressed, took this advice and remembered it. I would suggest you would too if you feel stressed.

Author Notes: Drop you stress! Free yourself from it. Be happy! Anyways, hope you guys enjoyed this story.

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20 Mar, 2019
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