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the will to protect 02

the will to protect 02

By doveandgrenade101

(Lacey's point of view) After HOURS of riding in the stupid van i woke up being pulled out of the van all i saw was brick wall right after that i was blind they must have put a cloth around my eyes they untied my hands i wasnt gonna try to make a run for it i could here ppl behind me i also heared Scarlett and i guess she was trying to speak i was thrown down my knees the ground was cold it must have been concreat it was kinda cold in there probably because i was wearing a jean skirt down to my theigh and purple short sleeved t shirt anyway i was grabbed by the arm and thrown against the wall and i felt him or her chaining my hand against the wall by the sound of it im sure they did the same to Scarlett i waited for something to happen but i heard another person mumbiling sound like they were struggiling to speak it wasnt deep a boy....finally when i heard a gate shut a used my free hand to take the ductape from my mouth and pulled the cloth from my mouth i was in a cage....i looked over to Scarlett she looked like she was asleep i tried reaching over to her but the chain wasnt to long i tried yanking it off the thing was tighter then i thought there was no way we are getting out of here i whispere "Scarlett" she looked over to the opposite of me she yanked her mouth and eye coverings she looked at me her eyes were wattery and red she smiled "Thank god your here!!" she shouted smiling "Sshhh" the boy next to us said "they will come an who Knows what they will do!" he said he had a hat on backwards his pants were not sagging down to his knees like the other idiots out there he had a jacket on an regualr baggy jeans (i know your wondering what Scarlett is wearing) she had on a long sleeved blue shirt on on with black hearts underneath and shorts but the odd part was she had no shoes....."Scarlett what happened to your shoes?" I asked quietly "i had on flip flops but they pushed me down and i guess they fell off. her words trailed off I got so angry no one hurts my friends ESPECIALLY Scarlett "Are you two ok?" i looked over to him right befor i was gonna awnser a man slid open the door with a woman who had a paper and pen "Well who wants to go first?" he said in a kind but creepy voice and smile....

The room was silent.

Author Notes: well did you like it? i plan on making a series of this and pardon my bad spelling thanky you for reading! :D

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1 Oct, 2013
Read Time
2 mins
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