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the will to protect 03

the will to protect 03

By doveandgrenade101

-Laceys point of view - i didnt say anything i just stared at him, i wanted to keep a hard face letting him know i wasnt afraid "What exaclty do you want you know people will come looking for us" my face felt hot but i still kept a strong face. All he did was smile i just met him and i allready hated him and that STUPID smile "yes...yes they will but they wont be looking here....we are to well hidden" i looked over to Scarlet....she was didnt hit me until i remembered my mom and sister what would they do knowing i was gone? they were probably thinking i am coming home late and i was still at Scarlett's.....then again what about Scarlett's parents? they are probably stil at work i got a little teary eyed, but i pushed it aside i needed to stay strong not just for my sake....but for Scarlett's too. "why?....." i said waiting for a awnser, "you are simply being apart of something big VERY big.....and the good thing about that is you three are the first ones!" he said clapping his hands together and again having that stupid smile. "I JUST WANT TO GO HOME!" Scarlett screamed and i mean SCREAMED it echoed through the place or at least the stupid cage. The man just stared at us "and what about you?" he said staring at the tall boy next to us "why dont you go screw yourself" he said staring at the ground i couldnt help but giggle at this,The man just frowned,well at least the stupid smile was gone...."how about you three tell us your names?" the woman with the paper and pen said she looked like a very strict library teacher. "fine its best just going with it then fighting" the boy said looking at Scarlett then staring at me. "Skylar" .....i couldnt help but stare at him i thought Skylar was a girls name, Guess not everyone was waiting on me "Lacey"i said with a angry face, i looked at Scarlett she was still crying. The man walked towards her he was getting ready to place his hand on her shoulder "Dont touch her!" i shouted at him he looked over his shoulder....staring at me his eyes sended chills down my spine, he went back to Scarlett "Dont you worry you will see your family again" he said in the kindest voice i have ever heard, Scarlett looked at him he wiped a tear from her face she smiled "my name is Scarlett " she said smiling. there was no way she was buying this bullcrap i mean was she that gulible ? he smiled and he closed the gate and walked away.....

we were left in the room again.

Author Notes: glad you are reading again! dont forget to comment and rate i will be making many more stories

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2 Oct, 2013
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2 mins
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