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the will to protect 04

the will to protect 04

By doveandgrenade101

"Okay we have to get out of here can anyone break through the chains?" i asked Scarlett and Skylar. they were trying to pull there way through the chains. "No use i cant do it" Scarlett says eyes still teary. "Same here" Skylar says giving me a impatient look. "What are you looking at?" i say to Skylar "well now you try..." Skylar is treating me like im stupid "Fine" i pull with all my might but they weren't budging, "I-I can't!" i say still pulling "Come on lacey you can do it!" Scarlett cheering me on,but there was no point i couldnt break through. I gasp for air "these are stronger then we then they look" Skylar says with his head down his wavy dark hair was covering his face "No dip sherlock" I tell him trying to pull once more. "Hey i didnt ask for this" giving me a angry look "yeah neither did i bud" I started ignoring him and looked at Scarlett she looked so worried, "Please stop it you two" Scarlett looks at me i could easily tell she was scared i turn my head to Skylar "Sorry" he smiles "Its no problem were just confused" I look down at the ground "i dont know how but i promise we are getting out of here"I say trying to keep there spirits up. We hear foot steps coming closer "Well i dont mean to rain on your parade but you wont be leaving" the man with the crazy smile came back "B-But you said i was going to see my family!" Scarlett Shouted "Scarlett please dont shout" skylar says attempting to cover his ears, Scarlett simply ignored Skylar's statement her eyes were fulll of fear the man's Smile turned into a frown "dont worry he said you will, just not now or tommorow" i saw Scarlett's face i felt so bad for her. "i am afraid i need one of you three" my anger turned into fear my arm that was shaking with anger turned into trembling fear, "W-well you arent getting any of us" I say studdering Why was i so afraid i mean i didnt find him intimidating, I guess i got scared of what he was gonna do to us." he simply opens a cup in his hand.....three popsicle sticks laid in the container his slowly picks one out and looks at the writing on the stick. He smiles and says

"Lacey i guess you have to come with me"

Author Notes: Ah! the tension in the air what will happen to Lacey? who is the strange man and will they escape? find out next time!!

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3 Oct, 2013
Read Time
2 mins
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