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the will to protect 05

the will to protect 05

By doveandgrenade101

I woke up everything was so blurry. god everything just blobs flying everywhere....Those Jurks must have druged me. i slowly turned my head it hurt so bad i felt like i was gonna throw up. I heard a door swing open i could barly see a figure staring at me but fell to the ground A smaller figured popped up and another I could faintly hear Scarlett's and Skylar's voices i could make out some of the words, ......We have ......Is....okay.......hurry!...go! I felt lighter i guess i was being carried i Passed out.

I opened my eyes everything was so much clearer I looked up and i saw Skylar's face he was careing me. i looked behind us Scarlett was running i saw like 8 men chasing us i must have passed out again cause thats all i remember.

I woke up I saw the sun it was warm the air was not so rough on my throught when i breathed i was still in Skylar's Arms. "She is awake!!" i heard Scarlett screamed i winced cause her yelling made my head throb "Shhh"skylar Said scolding Scarlett i felt something warm on my hand Scarlett was holding it She was crying. "Thank god your okay" She said trying to give me a hug i looked up, i knew Skylar was tough but i could easily tell he was happy to see me okay. i stayed in his arms i was comfy "where do we go?" i looked around i imedility felt stupid for asking that question we were back in are old city. I felt happy knowing i was safe i noticed a mark on my stomach it was an X it was a scare what exactly did they do to me? i got up and was examing the scare, "We have one too....." Scarlett rolled up her sleeved and reaveled the X on her shoulder Skylar had one on his chest i know where my home is i can walk home Scarlett, but what about you?" i asked Skylar raising a eyebrow "i will be fine i know where to go from here" I gave them both a seriouse look "Ok then now how about you tell me what happened"

they both had worried expressions on there face.

Author Notes: :') im so glad you love the series ! leave a coment and like!

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4 Oct, 2013
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