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The will to protect 06

The will to protect 06

By doveandgrenade101

"Come on guys tell me i can handle it" i tried to give them a warm smile, i stood up hands on my hips, Scarlett's tears faded "Well......Skylar came to rescue me soooo he manly knows what happend" Skylar Leaned his back against the wall and his hands in his pockets "I woke up on the examing bed nothing much happened, i i saw a woman walk up to me i got smart and pretended to fall asleep she unlocks my hands and feet i opened one eye and when the coast was clear and no one was around i tackled her she hit her head on the ground at first i tried helping the girl but not knowing what she did to me, i say show know mercy" he closed his eyes i guess he was trying to remeber what happened "Look all i remember is i escaped the locks ran down the hall found Scarlett and we both went off searching for you...." Scarlett stands and brushes the dirt of her shirt "Thats when we found you except they druged must have put up such a fight they druged you" Scarlett just smiles saying it like it was a good thing. "So what else?" i give them the look again "Well i had to carry you....That's when they found us" we ran and opened.....well it kinda looked like a attic door scarlett opened it and we ran we where in an ally we are on the other side of town i kept caring you, noone seemed to care at all and thats pretty much it" i sighed I was glad we were safe i had so many more questions but no body could awnser them. i was so confused Scarlett and Skylar were not telling me everything....I needed to go back to Angie and my Mother.....i had a bad feeling all of the sudden

i looked over my shoulder the three men were running behind us one of them was the one with a stupid Smile.

Author Notes: sorry for the Absence! didnt mean it i was busy over the weekend

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7 Oct, 2013
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