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The will to protect 08

The will to protect 08

By doveandgrenade101

Well it took about three HOURS just to get home I walked Scarlett home turns out her parents had to work over night so they werent home for awhile Skylar, Scarlett and me decided it was best if we kept what happened yesterday a secret no one needs to know. i step onto my porch, i was nervous i didn't think throught what i was going to say, i opened the door i walked around the house i saw Mom doing the dishes "Hey mom" she turned around and said "Lacey....why didnt you tell me you went over to Scarlett's for the night?" i was so releived "Uhhh sorry about that Ma." She sighed "Okay dont let it happen again do it and youll be grounded i nodded, i walked into my room and locked the door. I wanted to fall asleep and never wake up untill next week, I was so tired i flopped onto my bed i was in thought,What did Jermey mean about me checking on my mother and sister? I closed my eyes i must have fallen asleep because it was 7:00 and when i woke up it was 5:00 I got up walked up to my mirror, blinked several times i felt heavy i tried to scratch my arm but it felt like knives cuting my arm i flinched and stared at my arm the were HUGE streakes up my arm i stared at my hands. I wanted to scream i looked at the tipes of my fingers. there were huge sharp claw like on the tip of my fingers they were pure metal......I was astonished i got scared but pushed it aside.... i grabbed a lamp and placed it on my table It was broke anyway so i figured what the heck. I swung my arm and the claws sliced straight through the lamp. this wasn't real there was no way. Then it hit me.....Jeremy what did they do to me? i was snapped back to reality when i heard my mother scream i ran down the hall, mom's door was cracked i opened the door. one of Jeremy's assistance was sitting on mom's bed and Mom was on the floor. she was pale her eyes were wide open she was lightly breathing "Mom..." i said in a light voice the man just stared at me he smiled, I felt first then....i felt strange, everything was a blurr i tried to see but nothing was happening just clear white. everything started to clear up i saw the man on the floor my entire body felt heavy my claws went straight through the man's chest. I pulled them out and fell on my back "HA! you can't even controll it!!" he shouted with blood flowing from his lips he stared at the ceiling and his face went from a smile to a blank expresion "MOM!" i cried i grabbed her hand she stared at me her eyes were wide "Lacey...what happened to you?" she said she stared at me "m-mom....!" i said again i didnt realize it but i had wings Sparrow like wings, exept there were gray colored but i didn't care i had to help her "Where is Ashley?" she said i just now realized the blood on her shirt "I will call for help hang in there!!" i told her but her hand wasnt loosening "Mom?" i said "go find Ashley.... protect her please?" Her grip loosened and her hand slipped from mine "MOM!!!" i felt like my world was coming down i wanted to crawl into a dark place and hide forever but i couldn't i had to stay for Angie. I held onto her arm "MOM!!" i stumbled up i stared at her "this is my fault" i should have stayed up this wouldn't have happened" i ran towards Angies room my wings and claws were all gone. I yelled "Aangie it's me lacey come out sweety!" i screamed, i saw her crawl out of her small bed i gave her a hug "We have to go, Lacey is gonna take you to Scarlett's ok?" i turned around and i was staring at Jeremy. "WHY?!" i yelled i tried to controll my voice i didnt want to scare Angie, he just gave me a frown "you weren't supposed to wake up" he told me my entire body felt numb "Whhy did you do this?" he just stared "i see what you have done to monster" I didnt take much offense he wanted to make me angry....i wasn't gonna to let him "A monster you created...idiot" he tilted his head "the rason for my actions was because you were made to be controlled.....a piece of a plan of mine you Skylar and Scarlett.....but one thing led to another and you escaped we needed to get rid of your family iliminate any memory you have of your loved ones but i see im alittle late and you have already seen your abilities and what your capable of...." I gave him a evil stare " so you started with my mom.....i swear if you touch Angie...i wi-" he stopped me in my sentence "Oh dont you worry im not that dumb.... you have already seen your abilities so i won't be trying anything.... i don't want to end up like Alex...." i wanted to grab him by the throaught and shake him like a ragdoll. but i couldnt "so what are you going to do now?" i asked "Oh i will be leaving i wont be visiting Scarlett or Skylar any time soon either he walked out of the room....i held on to Angie i had to get out of here. i walked out the door Jeremy was nowhere in sight i started of walking to Scarlett's. so much had happened to today and i wasn't even over if i had these powers....what do Scarlett and Skylar have?"

Author Notes: i know i know it is a little long but im glad to keep writing this series ! :D

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10 Oct, 2013
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5 mins
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