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the will to protect 09

the will to protect 09

By doveandgrenade101

I stepped onto Scarlett's front door rang the door bell and waited The door opened and Scarlett was there. "L-Lacey what are you doing here and why did you bring Angie ?" she asked me i ran my fingers through my hair "I need to talk to you....." I said having a lump in my throat.

Well after a couple of minutes of explaing everything that happened Scarlett was in tears "Im so sorry......." she told me I told her it wasn't her fault i told her it wasnt bothering me too much but it was a lie i want to cry so bad Angie rested in Scarlett's bed " have these powers....and i might have them to?" Scarlett asked me nervouse "Y-yeah Skylar to, but i dont know how to bring it back".....i told her "So seeing your mother um the way she was, trigered what ever was inside you so all i need is to make you scared and maybe that will work" she stated giving me a drink she reminded me so much of a house wife......"yep that sounds about it" i told " or maybe you can controll it yourself......" she looked at me with a goofy smile She made me get on my knees and made me consuntrait( I dont care if i spelled it wrong) "stay in deep thought Lacey" she said in a soft voice, i closed my eyes and thought hard i opened my eyes and it went blurry again. next thing i know Scarlett is on her back looking terrified "Oh my gosh..." she covered her mouth i turned my head around ans sure enough my wings were back "there they are" i said grinning Scarlett got up from the ground "Y-your face" She studdered "Your eyes are completly......" She tried to speak i ran down the halls and opened the bathroom door to one big look in the mirror almost scared my self. "Wow" i said my eyes were purple it was amazing and i had the sharpest teeth alot like vampire teeth and my hair is what struck me the most it was black but with purple streaks down my hair. I looked amazing i walked back in i had my claws come out....."Okay" i started "Now that i can almost controll it let's see if i can use these wings but first......let's see what you can do" i told her grinning Scarlett didnt look to happy.

Author Notes: SORRY im taking so long but i wont be writing stories for awhile probably for 3 days there a fair in a few day and i dont want to miss it Glad you like this series see you guys sooon :D

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14 Oct, 2013
Science Fiction

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