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The will to protect 10!!!

The will to protect 10!!!

By doveandgrenade101

Scarlett sat down on the floor i told her everything she told me, her eyes flickered and once she opened them i swore they looked like EXACTLY like cat eyes but they faded away once we heard Angie's voice "Lacey" we heard her say i rushed over to her "Angie! glad your awake" She rubbed her eyes she placed her head on my chest she was to young to understand what happened to her mother she was only 3.....heck she couldnt even talk right, i know what i needed to do. "Scarlett" i mumbled she looked up at me smiling, "You know i can't raise her on my own right?" Scarlett's smile faded "We both can!" she sad she knew where i was heading with this "Oh and your parents are ok with rasing another child don't you think it's suspiuce that her Mother is gone they would do the same and you know it" i tried not to be so harsh on her but it was true "ok...but when are we going to take her there you will tell your parents i was never here, someone will find my mother soon everyone will think im dead but you and Skylar ok?" She nodded, "once you learn to fly you can take her" her words trailed off i went outside i consentrated i fell to the ground and closed my eyes (come on do it!) my thoughts said everything went blurry again, this was quicker then last time. I gasp i was back in my.....other form, I stood i felt strong but real heavy, i got down on one knee and was getting ready to jump (1....2....3!) i leaped forward my wings spread i was amazing! for only one second i tasted the dirt in my mouth i got up my face hurt i looked behind me Scarlett was laughing "I'm....sorry bwahaha!!!" she sounded like a dolphin "Haha so funny" i wiped the dirt off my face "i'll try again" this time i was on her tree it wasn't to far down but i knew if i fell it would hurt my wings kept breaking the twigs around me "Ready?" Scarlett shouted "Yep" i jumped forward i started to flap my wings as hard as i could it kept me in the air for a few seconds about 5 ,Scarlett gasp she looked happy at first until i came crashing down she ran below me her arms out i landed on her "Oww" i moaned I heard Scarlett trying to scream. "S-Scarlett?!" i shouted i rolled off her, her face went purple then normal again "Your so heavy!" she shouted at me "It's not my fault!" i told her....i forgot my manners "Thank you for trying though" i told her she smiled. i looked over her shoulder Angie was playing with the sang box "It's gonna be so hard letting her go" i said Scarlett stared at the ground she looked at me "Ya know.....we could use her" I stared at her confused "For what?" she smiled. (10 MINUTES LATER) i was staring at the ground.....Angie was in my arms Scarlett shouted for me to let legs were haging onto a branch i closed my eyes she looked like she was crying. my legs slipped from the branch i was crashing down i closed my eye and used my wings i looked up i was in the air, way past the tree Scarlett was saying something but i couldn't make out the words, i begain to fly down Angie looked terrified i giggled i felt guilty but it was funny. i had finally been able to fly. I heard a car door close "Oh no your dad is home ain't he?" Scarlett looked nervouse "Yes....go with Angie" she told me i ran throught the yard and jumped i couldn't Fully get the flying trick down but it was enough to get away. i looked behind me Scarlett was talking to her dad, Angie was hanging onto me tightly "It's ok" i told her she looked at me scared, i landed on the ground where no one was there "you ok?" i asked her she didn't say anything Angie was always the quiet one in the family i began to fly forwards i was looking for a Adoption center. and i know this all happened to quickly but it took alot longer then it seemed i mean ALOT longer Dont get me wrong i didn't want you reading how struggling this all was. i held onto Angie and flew away my heart was pounding ....I had to do this for Angie i couldn't take care of her but of course i would watch over her see how her new family was, The last thing mom said was to take care of her and protect Angie so that's what i'll do.

Author Notes: YAY we reached are 10th chapter of The will to protect

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15 Oct, 2013
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4 mins
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