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The will to protect 11

The will to protect 11

By doveandgrenade101

"I'm so sorry" i said under my breath i crashed on the dirt tears streaming down my face so much had happened the Sky was turning dark I gave up my Little sister, No i didn't..... this was for her own good...right? I stood off and wiped my tears away i had to find somewhere to go i spread my wings and took off it took me awhile but i found and stopped in a ally My wings left me.I walked into a store Not just anystore but the one where me and my mother had always gone I remember exactly every inch of the store i tried to cover my face i walked into where woman went to get there nails done, I walked up to the TV playing the news i waited for my mothers name up on the screen i sat and stared Not moving nothing more was so important to me at the moment "Ma'm can i help you?" The woman with black hair a nose peircing asked me "Oh um no im just hear seeing the news and waiting for a friend of mine" I told her smiling "Hey girl how did you let your mother dye your hair like that?" She asked me chewing her gum i pulled my hair up to my face I still had those purple streaks on them "It wasn't easy but she lightned up and let me" She laid back in her chair "You got one lucky mom then" she kept slapping her lips together i looked away and stared at the TV it took a pretty long time i waited for SOMETHING to happen but nothing did...not until it turned 8 o,clock. "Woman found dead in her Apartment home with a unrecongized man" It started out "Well im here on richardson drive where it seems a woman who was found dead by her bed with a man who is unrecongnizable at the moment The woman was found with a knife wound to her stomach the man was found with several stabs in his chest, Police have not ret found out what stabbed him and who stabbed him Police found two rooms Neighbors tell us that Three woman lived in the house one mother two little girls the Names Lacey and Angie Dawson were the names of the two daughters they were both found missing in the home, Miss.Grayson told us they couldn't remember the name of the mother We have pictured of the two girls found in the house If you find any of these two girls contact us at ###-###-### Police haven't yet decided whether Lacey had anything to do with this teachers say that Lacey was a very diffrent child from the rest of the children one of the teachers of Lacey said She never talked much but she had a Attitude here and there she was put in Detention several times, Lacey isn't considered Armed and dangerous yet Police say IF she did have anything to do with this She must of left and took Angie with her Again if you see these children he-" I shut off the TV the worker stared at me for a few seconds then Shock rolled over her face she got up and ran her way over to the Manager i walked back out of the store and ran my way down the streets i had to think of something fast or i would have become a wanted crimnial i looked behind me no one was following me until the manager pointed at me with a cop behind the Police ujusted his cap and speed walked towards me i wpicked up my speed aswell, He got faster so did I, i begain running he was on my tail i jumped over a car trying to get away, Didn't work he was getting closer my heart was pounding out of my chest "STOP!" he shouted i kept running my eyes were becoming blurry (NO) my thoughts told me, I had a idea i turned around at him glaring at him He stared in disbelif he must have seen my eyes turning "P-put you hands up!" he shouted my eyes stopped being blurry everything was much brighter now "Stay away!" i hissed at him and started flashing my fangs he stared me in the eyes he looked at me as if i had been shot he backed up "I said put your hands up or i will shoot!!" he shouted famlies were staring grabbing there children "Sir please i don't to hurt you" i pleaded "Not infront of them" i sayed teary eyed His eyes softened and lowered his gun "Where is your sister?" he asked me i stared at the grown "i put her in the adoption center...she ok" i sayed backing away His gun raised "come with me" he said with a more serious voice "I can't" i said my back was killing me i was like shards were trying to stab it's why through my back i yelped in pain (My wings) my thoughts echoed "It's okay we can help you" he told me in a deep voice "You can't do that...." i was shaking i couldn't take it. "aHHhhhh" i yelled my wings were out The officer backed up aiming the weapon at me, "D-Don't!" i told him i blinked and befor i knew It.

Hot lead pierced through my shoulder.

Author Notes: *-* i have more veiws then i expected thx so much guys don't worry Skylar and Scarlett are in the next one!

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21 Oct, 2013
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4 mins
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