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The will to protect 12

The will to protect 12

By doveandgrenade101

I was staring at the Sky it was dark,i saw the blood spreading more and more on the ground The officer walked up to me and aimed the Gun at my face "don't move" he told me I wanted to yell but i couldn't breath i was thinking about Scarlett and Angie...the pain was unreal (Was this it?) my thoughts asked me i was going to break mt mother's promise i wouldn't be able to protect My sister. I blinked several times "N-no..." I mumbled I wasn't going to die not today i had to live The will to protect was screaming for me to get up I was going to live I wasn't going to down now i had so much to live for, i did the only thing i could do i swung my arm (The one that wasn't shot just so you know :D) my eyes were closed i felt something wet hit my face and heard a scream...Then more screams i opened my eyes The man wasn't staring down on me, I struggled to sit upward the Man was kneeling on the ground he had several streaks of blood pouring down The side of his face he looked at me the horror in his eyes sent chills down my spine i knew it was too late for apoligies now. Iwas on my knees pressing down on my shoulder trying to keep the blood from pouring, my claws were gone my shoulder hurt so bad, my hair was covering half my face i was breathing heavly, i looked up at the sky....I screamed i looked to my side Men and women were running holding there childrens hands i heard a loud engine behind me, Just by luck my instinks kicked in i flew up in the air my hair was out of my face. I was shot in the shoulder....i didn't know were i was going but i knew it was better then down there I wanted to hold Angie and see my mother again i started flying towards a a skyscraper instead of a light and easy landing i crashed...... i just laid there i looked over my shoulder expecting nothing but the wound, i gasped the wounds were.......healing?*******************************************************************************************

(Now off to Scarlett and let Lacey figure out what the heck happened :D (The next day)

"Scarlett are you listening?" The teacher Mrs.Smyth asked Scarlett in disaproval "Y-Yes ma'm!" She shouted, Kids laughed at her politeness Scarlett blushed of embarresment she wasn't paying any attention, (Where is Scarlett?) her thoughts echoed through her head Scarlett was beyond worried so many things had happened she wanted to know where was Skylar, was Angie okay?, Was Lacey OKAY? Then Scarlett felt like someone had pulled her head back by her blonde hair though her head was still. Something was wrong very wrong she felt like she was being watched she stared out the window in deep thought "Scarlett please pay atte-" her teacher was caught off when the door was swung open Scarlett jolted from her seat along with some other students, It was a man in a expensive looking suit he put a rag over Mrs.Smyth mouth Her eyes rolled to the back of her head and passed out Girls were about to scream until he pulled a gun out and said "Shhh" he told them two more men came through the door one, Everyone was quiet immediatly girls began to whimper Scarlett wasn't the strong one either Scarlett knew who they were and what they wanted "Okay Where's Scarlett" one of the men said No one said a word they knew better then to say "Oh,she's right there" Scarlett didn't say anything "Oh, okay let's play that game" one of them dropped Mrs.Smyth to the floor and grabbed a boy by the hair and said "Whoever Scarlett is come over here or This boys get's a bullet through the head" He demanded, Scarlett swallowed "I'm here" She said trying to act like Lacey....brave and tough "Let him go" her voice cracked making her sound like she was Eight. girls gasped some whispered "Scarlett...!" The man looked satisfied "Everyone else go to the end of the room" He said in a rough voice throwing the boy everyone Did as he said Scarlett didn't expect it but a girl a year older then her said "Come on..." she tried yanking her towards the end of the room "I can't they won't hurt me" Scarlett tried to calm her down "Be smart and go to the end of the room" One of the men grabbed the girls shoulder roughly She pulled away and walked infront of Scarlett The man raised his hand and....(SLAP!) the girl yelped in pain Scarlett gasped she got scared but she felt diffrent her eyes went blurry she was confused, she felt like she was falling (Did i die?) she asked herself everything was more clear she was staring at the man exept this time HE was the one in fear She had a instincked and jumped off his stomach everyone stared at her Girls covered there mouths and boys looked shocked as if she turned into a pony "She's turned too!!" the man yelled one ran up and kicked her in the side she fell and winced in pain she felt hair fall almost to the floor she gasp and grabbed her hair and brought it up to her face. It was completly gray beautiful gray Sparkled if the light touched it she knew cause the light was shing on her hair she touched the top of her head hair isn't what she was ears She didn't know what to think She was in complete confusion until she was picked up and thrown against a window A man waved his gun in the air "Are you crazy Don't kill her Jeremy wants them caught not Killed!" He said drasticly The slamed her even harder into the window "See that she has wings if she cares about her friends at all she will learn to use them!" he replied He lifted her up and said "I will give you two minutes to come back up here or the every kid dies,say hi to the Police for me" He slamed her against the window. He opened it slowly and dropped her out the window She first saw the classroom then saw the sky she closed her eyes....."Use them....or they all die" She was patient.

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22 Oct, 2013
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