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The will to protect 13

The will to protect 13

By doveandgrenade101

She concentraited as hard as she could imaged the looks on everyone's face how terrified they must look right now she had to protect them The will to protect made her keep calm Her peacfull face turned into complete Focus and confidence she faced upward and took control of her wings she flew upward She studdied her wings isthey weren't black like Lacey's they were white much smaller then Lacey's they reminded her of A Angels wings Unlike Lacey who's wings looked like Sparrow wings. She heard Shots being fired she stoped for one second " hasn't been one minute yet they lied to me He killed them" She stopped her flying and let herself fall, Her tears were being pulled from her eyes Guilt filled her heart she waited for her to hit the concreat and leave the earth. But that didn't happen she felt arms arms wrap around her waist she opened her eyes, She saw Skylar he slamed against the side of the school wall "Are you insane!?" He shouted she was too shocked to speak he didn't look like the boy she ment in the cell he was more.....Muscular his skin was bright gray his skin felt hard like Metal. "How did you find me?" She asked Fear was took itself upon her. she hanging on tighter to Skylar he was the only thing holding her. she would have died if he let her go. Guns were being fired more and more but they weren't coming from the Classroom, They were firing at Skylar and Scarlett "Ah!!" Scarlett screamed "Hang on!" He yelled he pulled them both up and right when a bullet was at least to cm from Scarlett's face they both landed in The classroom again, "I'm back" she said smiling she looked excited but she was trembling in fear And the men saw right through her. "We where just about to kill all your friends" one of his hands carried a gun and the other was a handful of hair from the girl he was holding hostage. Scarlett looked behind her she stared at the window, looking down she saw Police thinking they had the situation under control...they Didn't A woman was reporting everything that had just happened it seemed, Scarlett couldn't think of anyway of gettingout of here without having anyone hurt......her option was to fly away with Skylar and leave Her friends to die, Or......fight them off "We can walk away peacfully" She tried to reason with them "Are you serious Jeremy is willing to pay big bucks to catch you kids" He stated pulling his hair back "Why don't come with us and tell us where The third one is, Ay?" He thought he was winning the argument "Why don't you go s-" Scarlett stopped Skylar from saying anything "We don't want a fight" Scarlett replied "Yeah neither do we but we tried being nice He lifted his gun to the girls head She screamed "No please!!" Scarlett felt diffrent again seeing the girl in fear made her run towards the man He was firing his gun.....somehow Scarlett dodged all of them she was on all fours and leaping off Desks she tackled the man the gun slid away from his grip so did the girl's hair She ran towards the group of terrified students The two other men aimed there guns at Scarlett she didn't know why but had the erge to hiss at them....and that's what she did. "As if you weren't any more of a freak Dale, Check out those eyes!" He told his partner laughing "Don't underestimate her we don't kn-" his words were interupted when Skylar's fist ramed into his Jaw and sent him flying against the wall a big dint was in the wall while The man fell to the ground. Girls in the group of student were fangirling while Scarlett ignored them and tackled the last man who was shooting at Skylar every bullet was boucing off him "Oww" he kept groaning he must have really been metal "put your Hands up now!!" a cop broke down the door while sqaut teams starting rushing to the students aim they saw Scarlett and Skylar and only knew one option......shoot. Shots were being fired at Scarett and Skylar. Scarlett took shelter behind Skylar, Skylar kept yelling so many bulletd kept bouncing off his face he couldn't stand for long.....Then in the blink of an eye a bash of a dark color broke through the window and splattering glass everywhere Scarlett smiled in happiness "Lacey!!" she shouted with tears down her face Lacey's wings were out and so were her claws the blood on her shirt from where she was shot made her look like a rapid animal She was blocking any veiw of Scarlett or Skylar so if they shot the would shoot her first. Lacey breathed on a whole bunch of air and let out a a roar which sounded like a tiger they had just one a fight. The squad was rushing the kids out of the building the cop that had once raised his gun.....was retreating out the door and left the room in a hurry Lacey turned around a carried The two out the window Scarlett ducked while Skylar's head broke through the wall he didn't seemed too fazed by it.....but his body was returning to his human form "Skylar are you ok?" she yelled but her voice wansn't heard by wind as she was trying to pulled her hair back They were put on the top of a Skyscraper the one Lacey crashed on. Scarlett ran to Skylar's aid "Skylar...? Skylar!" he winced at her yelling "Calm down im fine" he said "I'm just tired" Lacey's hand touched Scarlett's shoulder "Then we need a place to rest" Scarlett jumped by Lacey's apperance her face seemed darker she looked as if someone cut her hair off right in front of her......But as the sun touched her face it was lighter her eyes soften in concern as she returned into her original form "Are you two okay? sorry I wasn't ther soon enough to help" Scarlett stood up and said "Were fine" she closed her eyes and she to returned to human form.

Author Notes: see?, I told you Sky and Scarlett was... Sorry I feel like Sky would be short for Skylar has a nice ring to it don't you think?

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24 Oct, 2013
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5 mins
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