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The will to protect 15

The will to protect 15

By doveandgrenade101

There was basically No way we could fly down If someone saw us...... "Ya know we can't fly down" I told them "What?!' Skylar shouted he was getting Irriated Not that i cared. "Think Sky people would see us and when they do they call the police" I told him I crossed my arms "Not if were fast" Scarlett said "We can't take the chance" I was getting worried "Sure we can and even if they do we can fly away" her hand was in the air pointing streaking her finger down across the sky, She was smiling she looked so confident why?. I gave her a worried look "It's okay Lacey will be fine" Her hands were behind her back she had that look...It reminded me so much of my little sister It hurt me I couldn't look her in the eye. "...Fine...." I was holding back the tears not alot of kids could go through all of this and not tears were soon to come out. "Come on Lacey" Skylar told me he ran over to the edge as if he was ready to jump. "Woah what?!" I back away "It's okay Lacey He trust you right Skylar?" Scarlett assured me i couldn't tell if she was smiling or not I still refused to stare at her. "Aren't you scared?" I asked him He looked behind him staring at me he smiled "Terrified so let's do this fast" His arms were out knees bent ready for take off....I finally looked at Scarlett she was already flying across the sky she looked like a bird from the distance hopefully people don't notice her. "Ready?" I asked him he nodded I ran towards him jumped I felt like I accomplished something I didn't have to consentrait anymore I just turn whenever i felt like it. Skylar jumped I caught him just in time His feet were Kicking into the air. I tried to catch my breath sure I've been flying for a little while but for some reason it felt....better somehow I didn't feel like stopping So i didn't I kept flying Skylar still in my grip. "Awesome" Skylar commented I giggled I guess the hate for him eased off a bit We had to land sometime so we both landed in a alley. It was quiet "Soooo i guess you go sit on the left and I go right?" I asked he nodded He was the little quiet He took off down the sidewalk running past people rudly I didn't seem to have any respect for anyone. I walked my way down the right i sat and waited I made it look like I was sad people can't turn away from that right? I closed my eyes I began dreaming Of Angie and Mom....I was beging to cry I held them back in it was like all my feelings were kept in a suitcase and I didn't plan on opening it any time soon "Mom did the best she could for me..." I mumbled at least an hour went by, suddenly I heard shuffling A few women placed a couple of dollars on the ground and smiled I smiled back. "Were are your Parents?" one of them asked she had her hair in a bun she looked like a very friendly teacher I once knew. "Umm" I started "I don't really know...." I told her I scratched the back of my Head "I'm sure I'll find them....." Another got on her knees and said "When was the last time i ate something?" She smiled but she looked worried "Umm...." Her eyes widened she stood back up "What's that one your shirt?" She asked she looked at me caustiously she thought I was a monster I knew it....I can't trust no one can I? I grabbed the Money I made it looked like I was crying I held my arm up to my sleeve. "It's okay.... we can help you" My eyes widened she didn't.....think I.... "N-no" I fake studdered "No...but thankyou for the money I have to go to the hospital anyway" I lied. She grabbed my sleeve I thought of Mom tears were barely streaming its way past my face She saw the fake tears "Ok be careful alright?" She told I smiled I walked away....walking became speed walking speed walking became full on running. I went onto an alley i counted the money.....eleven dollars. That should get me something or for Sky and Scarlett that is. I walked my way down on the left of the sidewalk were Sky went. He was sitting on the side of a wall he saw me His face didn't change. "How much did you make?" I asked He stood held out a few dollars in his hands "three dollars You?" He told me I held out my hands "Eleven" I told him he looked satisfied "Good job" I smiled "Let's go get Scarlett" I told him we walked beside him. We stopped where we thought she was supposed to be. "Where is she?!" I yelled I walked around nevously Skylar Looked confused "She fine I'm sure of it" He told me I didn't buy I was freaking out big time. "Scarlett!" I yelled I turned to the voice of Scarlett She was waving at me tears in her eyes "Scarlett! Were Coming!" I yelled Someone grabbed her wrist And pulled her in a alley. "SCARLETT!" I screamed Sky ran past me charging at the alley (no...NO ...NO!!) my thoughts screamed my heart was racing Sky had made it to the alley so did I what I saw Made my anger rise Skylar was being held onto my three men Scarlett had a bloddy lip and was crying She was being held down. Stupid Jeremy walked up to me "Hello Lacey" He told me.....Something snapped in my head A bag was put over head wings sprung out....That stupid smiled faded away I was ready for blood.

Author Notes: OH NO what will happen I let you figure it out tomorrow :3

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30 Oct, 2013
Read Time
5 mins
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