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The will to protect 16

The will to protect 16

By doveandgrenade101

"Let her go!" I screamed Jeremy backed away from me everything was brighter Again I felt so angry how could he be so stupid hurting my friends....Infront of!, Jeremy turned his head and stared at the men holding Scarlethey both let her go. I took a step foward Jeremy pulled a gun and pointed straight at Scarlett My heart skipped a beat "JEREMY!!!" I screamed I bounced forward just befor he pulled the triger my feet hit him hard in the chest I heard a gun shot once I Hit Jeremy I turned around there was a bullet through the brick wall Scarlett was on her knees Silver hair covering her face Sky ran beside her, She smiled letting us both know she was fine. My blood was still boiling I was all fired up I saw Jeremy holding his side. "your the BIGGEST idiot i've ever ment!" I yelled Sky walked past me He was facing Jeremy "So you have adapted to Skylar?" He said that stupid smile....again. "You did this to us" Sky's voice was Scratchy "Yes and isnt it wonderful" Jeremy replied That made my blood boil even more "You sick freak!" I yelled Jeremy Frowned "I gave you a gift and this is how you repay me?" He tells us his voice was becoming louder "You killed my mother!" I yelled even louder I was now in his face "I took one person's life to become more.....ONE person why was that so bad!?" He yelled I didn't back down I wasn't going to now not ever. "She was My mother FREAK!!!" My eyes were burning "Lacey he...." Skylar said in a soft voice....I forgot I never told him about Mom. I was getting angry "Oh Lacey You don't need her anymore It was all of you three's Destiny to be ruled Acutally It was everyone in the world was ment to be ruled! But of course we choose someone unworthy to rule us all......But I can change all that I was destined for power I tried lacey, I tried to persuade people but no one listened so im forcing my lecture onto them all I will be a ruler.....I will be a god! And you three can help me with that!" His worsd stung a thousand Wasp attacking me this man was insane he would kill for that kind of power. He started to laugh "oh my god...." Scarlett said holding her hands to her face. "Jeremy...." I said....He placed his hand on my shoulder "Yes child?" My hair was covering my face I stared at him my face felt numb "Lacey...." Scarlett tried to calm me down I didn't say anything I wasn't a killer I wasn't a monster......"Get out of here" I said He frowned "Lacey" He tried to place his other hand on my right shoulder "Don't make me say it again" I told him coldy "You will come to your sences you'll understand" He walked past us and turned around the corner the Men were walking away with "Are we gonna let him go?" Sky said I shrugged "We have to leave...." I told them They both gave me confused looks "I mean Leave New york city Away from here" Sky agreed with me It took awhile but Scarlett agreed as well We spent the money we had on food. We were full we had the strength to leave soon. We sat on the block we were Quiet for a long time. "It's almost night we should sleep "On the streets?" Scarlett said "Do you know anywhere else to sleep" Sky said "Hotel?" She noted I facepalmed myself "Were in many hotels in here are free?" Scarlett frowned "I'm so sore though...." She pouted. I hugged her "I'm sorry we don't have anywhere else to go" Sky stepped in "That's not Completly true...." He stated I raised my head "Where?" I asked "Well...." he scratched the back of his head "Where?!" Scarlett said in exciment "There is this one hotel cheapest one i've been in" My eyes widened "Why are you lookin for a hotel?" I asked curious "I'm homeless been that way for awhile" My eyes widened "And you didn't say anything cause why?" He shrugged "Ok how much?" We only have 2 dollars left anyway... "Five bucks...." I frowned and looked away "Dangit" I said "We have to wait on the sidewalk again right?" Scarlett said "Yep"I replied

We all sighed

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31 Oct, 2013
Read Time
4 mins
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