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The will to protect 17

The will to protect 17

By doveandgrenade101

I put my hands in my pockets "Why can't we go to Scarletts house?" Skylar asked Scarlett stared at the ground "I can't go back" she said I knew why her father.....he was such a selfish man. "Why?" Skylar asked dumbfounded "Her father" I said hopefully that was all he needed to know, "Okay...what about him?" He asked I stared at Scarlett "What me to tell him" She smiled "It's okay" she stared at Sky for a second "He wouldn't like it if he saw me the way I was" she said her hands behind her back, "Oh..." Sky said His back was against the wall. "So what do we do now?, we can't go anywhere else" Scarlett whimpered "Dangit" I commented "Sleep on the ground?" I suggested "Do we have a choice?" Skylar said The moon was peering over a skyscraper it didn't look as beautiful as it did beautiful It seemed darker then usual It wasn't helping any of are moods "If I could I would change it all" I closed my eyes in deep thought flashes of my mother's and sister's face appered in my mind "Well I'm not going to sleep now" Skylar said his skin was becoming darker "Sky....?" My voice sounded Uneasy "What are you thinking?" I stepped forward And grabbed his arm it fellt rock hard ......literatly, "What do you think we have these abilities so why not use them I'm tired and it's gonna be a long night so I can atleast have some fun" His words sounded corny as heck he tried to sound all tough and strong it didn't work on me or Scarlett. "Come on It will be fun I don't wanna do this alone" He held out his hand as if he wanted me to take and walk away with him "....Fine..." I slapped his hand lightly away from me "Not until Scarlett is coming too" I said He grined Scarlett ran to my side "I'm in" she said in a cheery voice "Okay we need to get up on a skyscraper" Skylar said "Easy for me and Scarlett, right?" I nudged Scarlett She smiled in agreement Skylar frowned "Well someone has to carry me up there" he stated crossing my arms My Sparrow black wings sprung out of my back quickly Scarlett avoided getting hit by them, There was a scream behind me I looked behind me my wings smacked Sky in the face Ignoring this, I saw a woman staring at me full of fear she pulled a gun out and pointed it at me and Scarlett "On your knees!" I backed up "Oh crap...." I said, "fly!" Scarlett shouted gun shots were fired I turned back around fast and I grabbed Sky in a bear hug felt a pain in one of my wings but quickly ignored it and jumped. I was in the air but not to high up I could easily hit a stop sign More gun shots were fired I saw Sky's black hair in my face his grip was pushing me away I loosened my grip and I could see his face now his hair going everywhere hitting his eyes making him sqwint, His face was flushed pure red. "Oh you big baby!" I shouted, I saw a man up ahead my wings straightend out I was higher in the air nearly missing the man while he ducked covering his head with a newpaper I saw Scarlett in the air she was higher then me, "Scarlett!!!" I yelled I was just trying to get her attention. She looked and stared down at me and smiled I flew up to her height "You okay Sky?" I asked chuckling "This is a good spot" I pointed down at a tall skyscraper. we landed on the top of the high building with ease I let go of Sky and he bounced away from me face was still red "oh come on quit being such a baby" i said laughing he looked upset "You didn't need to do that I could have blocked off the bullets" I frowned "It was a instinct don't get angry for trying to protect you" I had my hands on my hips Scarlett was quiet "Can we focus on the real problem here please?" Scarlett's silver hair was flowing through the air it was real wind now My purple streaks were in my face I tried pushing my hair back but it went back in my face again Sky's hair was short so it wasn't that much of a problem for him, "So practice?" Sky said Scarlett her blue weater sleeve up past her wrist and held it up to her chin "Let's fight eachother!" Sky insisted My eyes widened "And hurt eachother no way" I refused to hurt them I was ment to protect them not hurt them, "I agree with Sky" Scarlett said now Scarlett wanted to fight she stared at me in eyes was she serious? I looked down at the ground I guess I was ok with fighting Skylar but....Fighting Scarlett?.

Author Notes: glad you like it ! keep reading next time!

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About This Story
4 Nov, 2013
Read Time
4 mins
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