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The will to protect 18

The will to protect 18

By doveandgrenade101

I back away from them both "Guys what would this solve?" Scarlett looked sad "It's not to prove anything" She was getting upset now, "Guys were talking about us against eachother one of us might get hurt!" I shouted I was holding my breath now I usually never got into arguments with Scarlett. "If we do we can understand are abilities more" Sky pointed out I crossed my arms but I knew they could see my worried expression's. "Lacey it's okay" Scarlett had her hands on my shoulder "You don't have too worry" My hair was still in my face from the wind, "The last thing I wasnt to do is hurt you guys" Sky sighed "Your not gonna hurt us it'll be fine" I pushed my hair back "If we get hurt...." I said Scarlett gave me a hug my eyes closed"We will be fine I promise we can heal to wanna see" her word slowly processed through my head my eyes shot opened "What?!" my words blurtted out she grabbed my hand "have your claws come out" I oushed her away "N-no way!" I couldn't beileve this did she want me to stab her!? She frowned "Lacey it'll be just a cut it's fine" she told me I've never seen her so brave before, I sighed of relief, My claws shot out my hands felt heavy again I pulled her arm towards me and vut her near her shoulder she didn't whine or anything. "Watch....." she murmured I stared at her arm and sure enough her cut was slowaly coming back together with one blink her cut was gone I was astonished well not really I got shot in the shoulder and my shoulder's fine now so. "See!" Sky said "Now can we fight It's night time it will be so cool!" I grinned "Okay okay you and me sky," He smiled I haven't seen him smile like that. I waited on one end of the rook while Sky was on the other end. I was all fired up now I would rather feel this way then feel worried, "Ready?" Scarlett shouted she kept her distance "Yes!" Me and Skylar Said at the same time "GO!" I heard Scarlett shout that was all I needed my wings claws, teeth were all in there "form" I fell on my knees I never had them all come out at the same time so the sensation feeling came over me to quick I looked up Skylar was full metal now and was charging I dodge the attack I noticed the spiked around his fist "Are you TRYING to kill me!?" I yelled Skylar laughed at me I jumped towards him I swung my claws at him Slashed across his chest he fell back I gasped oh no I hurt him. "Skylar!" I kneeled over him he was smiled (Crap) my thoughts echoed I felt horrid pain in my jaw....Skylar had punched me. I saw blood hit my was my blood I rolled half way across the roof I heard Scarlett yell finally she knew why I was worrying so much. I stumbled up Sky had scrathed acrossed his chest blood was pouring from my lip "Ahh!" I yelled in pain I was getting angry I jumped towars him again My feet were now on his shest I pushed forward he went flying I saw his hand hanging onto the edge he pulled himself up could we both stand the pain now? "That hurt" he said well I think so we was so far away I couldn't exactly tell what he was saying. "Still wanna keep going?" I asked him he nooded as a "yes" I flew upward He was on his feet I wasn't sure why I flew upward but I felt like it was a good movement He stared at me is face as hard as his skin, "Can't fl-" My words were stopped by the kick in the stomach I just got right now, Okay pictured have a sixty pound weight thrown at your chest Now double that pain, That what I was feeling I was flung off the building now. My wings saved me this time I flew back up "How could you fly" I choked out He looked angry I didn't know why, It was just pratice "I didn't,I jumped" I noticed he was on the ground. "Oh" he laughed I flew towards him with ease "You okay?" I asked him "Yeah I'm fine good Pratice" His face looked friendlier now. "Scarlett did you take any damage?" I asked she was alittle shaky at the moment "Y-yeah that was intence" We both giggled "Lacey look! your arms" I stared at my arms the bruses and cuts were disappering I lifted my purpled shirt up revealing my stomach There was a HUGE black and blue bruise on my stomach it was fading away it was still there the ones on my arm were alreay gone. "I guess the worst the wound the longer it takes to heal" Sky pointed out It seem true "Well I guess when it's fully...." My words were trailed off I saw a blur in the sky too dark to tell I turned my eyes back to's "Other form" everything was more visible I saw what was visible It was a helicopter. "Guys....." Sky walked slowly towards the door that lead down the building "Sky?" Scarlett asked a bright light shined on all of us "We have to go now!" Sky yelled "On your knees!" A voice from the helicopter yelled Of course we didn't listen we took off running Sky reached his hand out to me I took it and flew away with Scarlett behind us the helicopter was behind us not too far behind "Why are we running away?!" Sky yelled "there gonna arrest us" Scarlett looked frightened "You don't know that!" I closed my eyes for a second I was in thought "We land right here!" I landed on a short building It was flat it was enough room to give the helicopter landing space. My hair was out of my face finally, The people looked like the swat teamed three of them had guns aimed at us I stood infront of Scarlett One of them held his hand up they all lowered there guns He walked up to me and took of his masked he was bald "Your just kids" he said he turned around and stared at his crew "There just kids Ha!" The crew was emotionless I took offence to the words "You kids alright?" He placed his hand on my head "Get on" I smacked his hand away from me "Why should we listen to you?" I wasn't gonna trust him after what ive been through I wasn't gonna trust alot of people.

Author Notes: Sorry for the wait!

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7 Nov, 2013
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6 mins
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