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The will to Protect 19

The will to Protect 19

By doveandgrenade101

"Because kid you don't really have much of a choice" He lit a cigar and put it up to his mouth "I've seen alot of strange things....but chasing after mutant kids is the strangest Is now the top of my list" He placed the cigar in his mouth and smoked it, I couldn't help but smile at him He thought just because he had a a shiny medal on his camo shirt meant he could tell us what to do I was about to give him a reality check. "Right....we don't have a choice" I looked away from still smiling "Lacey...." Scarlett whined The man's grin slowly faded "So your Lacey Dawnson girl that killed that man in your own home and ran away with her little sister...." He laughed a bit and took the cigar from his mouth "I guess you thought nothing was going to happen to ya right?" I gave him a deathly glare "Look lacey we understand your story We all know you didn't kill your ma," My face soften I was beyond surprised They didn't think I killed her I figuerd......"I guess you were trying to save her but it was too late, don't blame you Lacey....If someone killed my mother I would have thrown his censored Out the window" He chuckled more...."So we understand your story.....but what about you two" He walked past me and stared at Scarlett She still had her wings and Other "Parts" out, "Nice tail" He said in a scratchy voice "Thank you" She said Scarlett was very uneasy Iwalked up next to Scarlett The man had more sencear eyes now. "Look kids you three need shower's and I'm sure you all haven't ate in....heaven knows when" He slowly walked to the Plane "So why don't you come with u-" his words were stopped by Skylar's cold "No" The man turned around and raised and eyebrow "What?! Skylar!" I shouted Skylar gave me a serious look Look I know, Iknow I said I wouldn't listen to him and whatever but come on he was offering us showers! "Lacey we can't trust them" Skylar said I could understand where he was coming from I have alot of trust issues "Skylar Leven" The Sergant said Skylar's attention was now placed on the Man or "Sergant". Sergant had his arm's crossed "Told his mother he was going to a friends house and never came back....Seen jumping through neighborhoods while skin was covered in metal jumping beyond human capabilities" He said Skylar looked angry "So?" Sergant was now grinning "You all were on camera the school pretty neat if you ask me,your families are worried though" He then looked at me "Well....almost all of you" I wanted to send this man flying "I was pretty shocked myself when I saw the footage on TV" he stopped moving "And Lacey...Your sister has been waiting for you" He said I felt my heart sink into my stomach and began hurting.... alot. I almost forgot about Angie, "So it is the best decision if you all came with us we can give you food and shelter.....and your families back and Lacey your sister back" I closed my eyes they felt watery "My sister.....I Sent her to that homless shelter for a reason!" I yelled My knuckles turned white from me flexing so much "I couldn't let her see me like this....not now" Then man had his hand on my shoulder "Come on kid you don't have to see your sister....but you gotta come with us" he said his voice lighter then before I guess I could trust him....Just alittle, I walked toward the helicopter "But.....Lacey!" I turned my head toward Skylar "Skylar.....NOW" I said coldly I wasn't in the mood for arguing My head was hurting like crazy I closed my eyes and consentraited I felt my wings jerk it's way into my back...I don't know exactley what happens to my wings when they...disapear. But as my wings disapeered the two men following me jumped one made a tad little girl yelp. All of us were now on the helicopter...well except Skylar his arms were crossed "Skylar...." I started "Scarlett and me know how you feel but please....It's not going to kill us" He looked as if he was going to cry. He jumped on I sighed I layed my head back and closed my eyes I was beyond tired I placed a hand on my stomach.....The punch Skylar gave me must have faded away cause it no longer hurt. "They healed" I murmered "I know" Scarlett was grinning I stared at her She looked more tired then me but more concentraited on something It took me a second to figure it out "Your dad's not going to kill you" She gave me a more concerned look "That's not it....I have a question" She was now twittling her thumbs, I stared at her more curiously "Yeah?" She held her breath and let out abig yawn, "How does it be under all this responbility?" I was dumbfounded now....."What?" She stared at me "Ya know taking care of us saving me and Sky I mean I don't know about Skylar But I know I would be dead right now....I just hate being protected I mean It's amazing knowing that someone is always Watching over you...but still It must be awesome being the strong one" I wanted to ask her so many questons now...I mean was I really the Strong one? was that really how she felt? Did Skylar feel the same way? is that way He hated me so much? So many freaking questions No awnsers. "Scarlett...." I started saying but I really never was good with expressions....or feelings. I gave her a hug She reminded me so much of Angie That's how she was my little sister. I can't imagin the pain of losing Her....or Angie. "Your have more capabilities then the Human body You have a TAIL!" I shouted men started at us I brushed it off I really need to control my voice "Lacey...I got so scared when you and Skylar fought eachother I thought you would take things too far...I couldn't stand that feeling I wanted to jump and fly away right there is that how you when you lost your mother?" I stared at the ground .....crap, the tears were coming "No....It's much of a worse feeling....Angie is the only family I have left.... It hurt having to let her go like that Scarlett's hand was on my shoulder "It will be better soon....I promise" she said

It nice to have a friend there for you.

Author Notes: Uh.....sorry for the wait I had some issues to take care of <_< The next one will come sooner I promise!!

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19 Nov, 2013
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6 mins
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