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The will to protect 20

The will to protect 20

By doveandgrenade101

I fellasleep for a few short minutes and woke up by Scarlett nudging me "hm?....What?" We landed Scarlett didn't look to good "Ya alright?" I stood up more on my seat "Uh....Yeah Skylar snores in his sleep though" She said I couldn't help but chuckle at this "I figured where is he?" I looked around the helicopter no one was there Scarlett grabbed my wrist "This is all your fault ya know...." She said My eyes were staring stright at her Her face looked..... diffrent. "What?" I stood up did she really just say that? I mean I was talking to Scarlett wasn't I? "Your nothing but a monster" She was staring at the ground her eyes seemed lost "What are you saying Scar- Something made my eyes stare at the floor there was blood everywhere......Three men Scattered across the ground including the sergant, They were all dead. I backed away from the scene I looked past Scarlett I covered my mouth with the sight befor me Skylar was in his sit....with his throat slit I felt the tears rushing down my face "oh my god...." I said "you did it in your sleep" Scarlett said she stood up she had four stabs in her stomach "I tried to fight you off but you got me right here" She held her stomach "Scarlett....." I was terrified I finally noticed the blood all over my shirt "I'm so sorry" I said Scarlett was coming closer "I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry!!!" I screeched I kept apoligizing until Scarlett grabbed my shoulders "You did this Lacey your nothing but a monster why can't you see that? you killed Skylar....I won't be able to see My mom or dad....because of killed me, Monster" She kept repeating it over and over again "Your a monster your a monster a monster nothing but a monster" I stopped her chantings and said "I KNOW!" she smiled at me blood spilling from her lips and said with a dark and cold voice "Good" She shoved me and instead of falling to the floor I fell into nothing but Hair covering my face the words still playing in my head (Monster, Monster, Monster, Monster) Finally I couldn't breath anymore. My eyes opened straight up I jerked myself out of my seat and fell on my knees Gasping for air. "Woah! kid calm down!" A man grabbed my arm "Sergant!" another one yelled patting my back I felt like i was gonna vomit I was terrified "What in the world is going on here!" He said then he stared at me I grabbed my chest lightly I pulled away from the man and turned around seeing Skylar unharmed and Scarlett sleeping "Wha- I tried to speak....It took me second to realized what just happened. It was a Dream I sighed of relief. "Nightmare Kid?" Sergant asked I was breathing heavly "Yeah..." I calmed down It was so real "What happend?" I heard Skylar say one of the men starting patting my back "you look pale get her something to drink fast" one said his voice was all muffily from his mask covering my face "I told you!" one man said he turned to get me something but was stopped by the sergant "Told him what...." the man froze "Uh...well she looked like she stopped breathing for second but- His words were stopped by sergant saying "and you didn't do anything?" the man never said anything Sergant grabbed the man by the collar. I butted in the conversation "Don't yell at him for a stupid nightmare I had" I tried to stand up but why did it feel like there was eight hundred pounds on my shoulder? Was this true fear? "Kid just sit down" Sergant said letting the man go "No" Skylar was now standing "Here I gotcha" He lifted my arm over his shoulder and helped me sit down, "I said I don't want to sit down are you def!?" Skylar gave me a frustating look "Sheesh I was Trying to help, Calm down" I sighed....I was being a jerk to everyone. "I'm sorry" I apoligized I remember why I apoligized in my dreams I didn't want to remeber what happened But I knew that was going to haunt me till I die. "So Lacey what was your dream about" He said handing me a water bottle, "I don't want to talk about it" I closed my eyes, "I do though" He said I glared at him Scarlett had now awoken "Lacey I think It's best to get it off your chest" She rubbed my shoulder The helicopter made a stop But Sergant was still in the same spot. "Well...?" Skylar said impatiently "I-.....I figured I should just come out with it "I killed everyone here" I admit I said that A little to Dramatic Everyone's faces changed Sergant's face hardened and Skylar's eyes widened and ofcourse Scarlett knew exactly What I was thinking, "You're not a Monster Lacey Don't you ever think that" She gave me another hug "We need to go kids come on"

Author Notes: This one came early so be happy this one didn't take so long :) I wouldn't recommend little kids reading this so it your below 7 I advise not reading this guessing that Lacey's dream was a little "Violent"

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21 Nov, 2013
Read Time
4 mins
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