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The will to protect 21

The will to protect 21

By doveandgrenade101

I smiled at Scarlett's words but I knew her words were the exact opposite of true. "Come on Lacey" Scarlett grabbed my hand and pulled me off the plane we were on top of a building a big A was marked on the roof with us a Man waiting for us I stopped in my tracks Scarlett almost tripped When she saw me stop she tried pulling me herself yeah like I was moving. "Something wrong kid?" Sergant said I didn't say anything I was so in my thoughts about my dream Skylar grabbed my arms from behind and pushed me forward Almost tripping and falling to my face he said "Come on Mooove" I was frustrated I just wanted a shower -_-. We walked down a flight of stairs and were all in a room Looked simialr like a docters room but the hallways were dark "Where are we?" Skylar asked he took the words right from my mouth. "See over there?" Sergant asked I looked over to the doors four of them with a water droplett sign on the door. "That's your shower" That was all I needed to go I stopped myself from opening the door "Will anyone be watching us?" Scarlett said Blushing Sergant laughed "No...but I think it would be best to give us your clothes and To you girls make sure you wash your wings" I nodded I walked into one door and Scarlett and Skylar went into your seperate rooms the shower was real roomy "Wow..." I murmered Water started spouting out of the ceiling I jumped I reached my hand out the sweet cool water dripped off my hands I closed my eyes for a minute consentraited hard and my wings were out once again I turned aroun grabbing my Black dark wings and stroked them I was in total contoll I began flaping them bashing off the dirt and mud off them I smiled I saw the soap laying against the wall.

************************************Scarlett's time now (Third person now point of view'*******************************

Scarlett was done taking a shower and saw thw pure white clothes on the ground after getting dressed she looked in the mirror she had on a White long sleeping shirt with White shorts but the long T shirt was past her knees so you couldn't exactly see them. She stroked her White wings and tail her silver haired was drying quickly She was flattered with her new looks especially her eyes nothing but silver. She smiled she opened the door and walked into the Docter like room, Skylar was already done and was waiting for them both leaning against a wall"Hey...." He said She gave him a warm Smile. Skylar stared at her and said "Sergant says are parents are waiting for us" Scarlett looked worried she wasn't quit sure what she would say to her Mother and Father, "Oh....Well I've missed them for awhile anyway" She stared at the ground she felt Awkward. "Uhm....Sheesh Lacey sure takes along time doesn't she?" Scarlett giggled buyt Skylar wasn't Laughing she walked beside him now leaning against the wall " are you?" Skylar stared at her he looked angry "How could this happen to us?" he said sternly Scarlett had now Realized how much Skylar was like Lacey " one ever means for this to happen" She said Skylar was angry he wanted to find Jeremy and punch him strait in the gut. "Here they are" Sergant said opening the door four parents starting running frantikly toward there children "M-Mother!?" Scarlett sqeaked Her Father was behind his Daughter and Wife Not looking to happy at all, Skylar's Father however held his fist Skylar gave his Father a fistbump "You doing ok little man?" He asked Skylar replied saying "Yeah" Scarlett was astonished by how much Skylar looked like his Father the hair color was abit off though...Ah, Scarlett saw Skylar's Mother pure black hair Just like Skylar she looked quit abit like her son aswell "I was so worried!" Scarlett's mother yelled. But her Father didn't seem to happy "Scarlett....your Hair" Her father's face Intensified "Uh...Well you see Father..." Her words trailed off everyone's faces turned to the wet dripping Girl with purple Streaks in her hair. *********************Lacey POV**************************

I look around the room Scarlett stupid Father was staring at me in anger I gave him a furious look I was DEFINITLY not in the mood for him. "Her hair too! Scarlett what happened to you!" He shouted Her Father was such A dipwod I hated him He always wanted his daughter to be Perfect he Looked liked the perfect dirtbag Light brown Hair sleaked back buisness suit stupid Suitcase caring everywhere for No reason, "Well It wasn't exactly her fault" I said trying to stay calm His furious eyes shot at me "Listen you stupid Punk! I garentee you did this too her always acting like a stupid Rebel and deciding to Kill your pathectic exuse for a Mother just because she wouldn't give you your way!!" She shouted face pure red sweat pouring from his face "And you think having MY daughter as your Sidekick changin her hair color! I got News for yo-" I stepped forward I felt like I was going to snapped my face went red My stomach in Knots I was shaking with Rage. "NO you listen here you ######( Pardon Lacey's French) I was Protecting her! That's right I was doing YOUR job!!" He stepped back his face went from Anger to FearI knew why....There parents saw my eyes my wings were gone thought so they never saw them. "You stupid Girl.....Come on Scarlett you coming home with us N- his words were stopped by Scarlett's standing up fast she was very calm...., " Father...Lacey was protecting me you don't need to yell" She smiled nervously Skylar's Father was Now next to He looked alot like Sky "Scarlett....get in the car now" I walked Infront of Scarlett and her Mother "Harold....Please calm down honey" Her mother touched my shoulder as I turned to face her...I smiled she looked exactly like her Daughter.....Kind Sweet Friendly....everything Harlold wasn't "Shut it Anne!" He said Sergant grabbed his shoulder "Sir we apoligize but we have to keep your daughter for awhile" Harold turned to Stare at Sergant.... Harold was nothing Compared to Sergant. "Lacey...." Skylar was Next to his Mother Skylar's father look at Harold "Sir I think you should leave...If you can't treat your child with any respect then you don't derserve to be called a Man" I smiled at his words "Exually I need you see what exactly happened to your Children" Sergant opened a door Harold marched in with his Wife following him, Skylar's parents not far behind Sergant pointed at us to go into another room as we walked in the room there was an inercom in the corner of the room it was sergants voice it said "Okay guys show them what you can do" Sky was already full Metal we heard a Scream...A woman's Scream....souding alot like Scarlett mother I stared at the ground I felt Guilty.... Knowing that None of this was my Fault Scarlett gulped in fear but her ear's tail and wings were out now. There was slaming sounds in the other room we stared at the door that was struggiling to be opened "It's not even locked" I said I knew who was trying to open the door one that stupid couldn't open a door right. The door swung open he was cursing at all of us "Father calm down!" Scarlett shouted He pointed at her gasping for air "You.....have...No...right to that....something as vile as you isnt my Daughter!!" Harold was cursing More Scarlett was Now Crying He got up and rose his hand Scarlett flinched It took me a second but I realized this.....He had been hitting Scarlett it made sense her coming to school with bruses, Something in me snapped I took a jump infront of Scarlett And waited for the blow of her Father's hand to strike my face....But it never happened My eyes shot opened And His hand was stopped by....Skylar who looked angry His pure metal hand was tightened aroung Harolds arm "Touch either of them and That arm comes off" He said tightening his grip Scarlett's tears were still pouring down Harold winced from the pain I was very serious Nothing could explain the Anger I was feeling I knew Sky was feeling the Same way.

Author Notes: :D glad you read I'll keep making more!

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22 Nov, 2013
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