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The will to protect 22

The will to protect 22

By doveandgrenade101

Harold wasn't saying anything I could see the fear in his eyes....Is that weird I mean I don't wanna be thought of as creepy, "Stupid brats" He jurked away from Skylar he really must have been Insane becuase he actually tried to punch him. As Harold swung his fist he bounced off Skylar's face, didn't he see that Sky was metal now? Guess his tiny brain couldn't tell Harold wailed in pain Cursing even more. Anne (Scarlett's mother) ran in and covered her mouth Harold stared at us "THIS isn't over" He pointed at Scarlett "and YOU are dead to me" Scarlett's tears kept pouring down her face showed all the pain she was in. I wrapped my arms around Scarlett Anne imbraced her aswell "I love you deary see you soon" She whispered "ANNE!" stupid Harold shouted "C-coming!" she studdered she followed Harold out of the room. The room was silent Scarlett collapse on her knees Screaming, "I'm so sorry" I said I can't say I understood her Pain I never really knew my Father Mom told me he was a good man that died in the Army. It must really Suck to be Scarlett right now, "Were here for ya" Sky said comforting her he was standing with his hand on her shoulder Skylar's parents came in the room seeing the situation hearing everything that happened. "Scarlett right,?" His mother asked Scarlett nodded Sky's mom stroked her hair "I think your hair is beautful" Sky's mother Smile "Thank you" Scarlett replied "And I think all your Abilities are very Unique" I smiled she was a very Kind woman "Sky you got some good friends here" Skylar's father stared at us all. "And What's your name?" Sky's Father asked I let go of Scarlett "Lacey" He gave me a look that I smiled at because it reminded me so much of Sky. "Well Lacey I'm glad you stood up for your friend we were behind the Glass over there you can't see us but we can see you What I saw you did was very Brave of you, Not alot of people who do that" I stood up "Yeah and You shouldn't just thank me if it wasn't for your son I would be bleeding right now, or worse" He chuckled "Skylar knows when I'm proud of him" He stated, Sky was grining "Is your father always like that Deary" His attention was Now on Scarlett Scarlett was sobbing "Yes" She states without Hesitation "How did I not see this" I said Scarlett had her old Caring ways back "It wasn't your fault" She said I glared "Yes it was I could have noticed and I did! But I thought it was nothing and ignored it I could have stop it from happening all the time you came to school alll bruised up!" Skylar's father grabbed my shoulder "Lacey I understand were your coming from but why don't we all just talk I garentee something good will come of it" And that is exactly what we did. We all talked I started by telling them about my Mother and Sister. Skylar's Mother (AKA.Now known as Angel) Seemed more and more sad After I explain what Ive been through the Past week, Skylar told his story to them I knew he was lying about some of it Because well they WERE his parent's after all. Scarlett told us her Mostof it was about her Abusive Father. I clenched my teeth through most of the stories told Skylar's Father (now known as Jason) was right it did help Angel told us all something I'll never forget

"Don't think your perfect because were all broken"

Author Notes: Well I was bored so I started reading again

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About This Story
24 Nov, 2013
Read Time
3 mins
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