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The will to protect

The will to protect

By doveandgrenade101

***********Lacey POV*********** My back was against the Airvent on the roof I was beyond tired Skylar and Scarlett was sleeping i was staring at the moon it never looked so beautiful......I havent even been on a skyscraper befor in my life and i lived in NewYork i couldnt tell whether we were safe or not. I closed my eyes Imagining Angie how happy she should be......No she was confused I know it I left her....abandoned her. "Why me?" i asked myself I couldn't believe this was all happening to me in one day and the next one was coming tommorow I wasnt the only one feeling pain here Scarlett left her family and heck I have Know idea what Skylar went through. I heard a vioce behind me say "Ya alright ?" it had to be Skylar there was way too much slang in his words and his voice HAD to be Skylar turned and sure enough it was him He sat down beside we had a few conversation's but nothing to surprising I told him my abilities he told me his, Nothing surprising turns out Skylar can turn full metal in just few seconds he told me he is lighter in that form and can jump but weighs like a ton trust me I had to carry his butt all the way across town with out my.....other form i wouldnt be able to carry him and there something I didn't know....he can form spikes out of his entire hand one puch wpuld kill a man....pretty neat huh? He went to asleep during one of are conversations. I moved away from him I wasn't gonna sleep near i didn't want to wake up in a awkward position with him i didn't think of him that way. I felt the warmth of the sun hit my face i moved around my body was stiff i stretched out. I ..." slooked around Skylar was snoring and Scarlett was already awake. "Hey" I said "You okay?" I didn't realize it but she was standing on the edge of the Skyscraper "Scarlett....." My throat felt scratchy "The sun it's beautiful" she said. It was the sun coming up I had to agree with her It was beautiful Almost made me cry.....almost. There was light wind made her Silver hair flow through the air she looked like a Angel I didn't say anything just walked up beside her on the edge I didn't want to ruin the Beautiful peaceful quiet. "It's always okay to cry Lacey" She said I listen to the words they played over and over in my head for some reason I knew i would never forget those words. I just stared at the ground acting like the words didn't faze me. "How did we end up like this?" i asked her She smiled, "It wasn't your fault so don't think it was" She stated "I know that but still i feel like i could have done something...." Right before she could reply something broke the peacefulness a low GRRowwl came from my stomach. My face felt red I cover my face with my hand "UGH" i groaned Scarlett just laughed "Let's go get something to eat" she said, I gave her a confused look all of the sudden we both heard "FINALLY IM STARVING" Skylar' words echoed through the roof "Sky shut up forst of all how will we get the money!!" i shouted "Calm down" Scarlett tried to calm me down I had a really bad habit of loosing my temper my school grades proved that. "Sorry" i replied I sat on the edge on the Roof "but seriously" i said holding my breath "I don't know.....i have no money" Scarlett held her hand over her mouth "We could steal" Skylar offered "No we aren't animals" I said stealing wasn't stealing i knew it wasn't the awnser "Oh really I'm made of pure metal Scarlett's got a tail and you got razor claws coming out of your fingers!" He stood up So did I. He believed he was an animal did he have anger issues like me? "So!?, That doesn't mean we have to act like one!" I walked faster towards him I admit I was a HUGE tomboy...but I didn't care I wasn't afraid to start something with hi m. "Your lucky your a girl" He told me I got in his face "I swear I'm gonna-" My words were cut off when Scarlett had her hand Wrapped around my wrist. "Stop it you two!" She told us I blushed how could I be so stupid I let my anger get the best of me....Again. "Sorry" he told me his hands were in his pockets "Sorry" I replied I wasn't going to look him in the eye. I turned around and stared beyond Scarlett. "We can find food It won't take long" I crossed my arms

Author Notes: Ugh sorry for the delay....again. I'll try to keep up with the writing thanks for watching!

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28 Oct, 2013
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4 mins
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