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The will to protect

The will to protect

By doveandgrenade101

(Don't think your perfect because were all broken) I stared at Angel for a second and said "You are absoutly right" I was astonished by her words I counldn't say that any better Jason stood up and said "I think we should leave" He walked up to Sky and gave him a high five and his mother hugged him, I smiled but I didnt want to beileve that I was sad and broken inside but it was the truth I was broken we all have that pain hidden somewhere inside us I wanted my mother back Skylar and Scarlett had atleast one family member with them but I didn't I couldn't face my sister again I abandoned her The last thing she wanted was to see me.

I closed my eyes I felt the tears coming my throat hurt (No) My head chanted (No No No NO) I wasn't going to cry not infront of them I was hugging my knees I opened one eye and Sky was staring at me Scarlett was beside him "What?" I said rudely I stood up and walked past them Sky looked Clueless as usual Scarlett looked dispointed I slamed the door behind me Jason and Angel turned there heads to me "Hey Lacey sit tight we have a room for you" Sergant said "Okay I sat down and crossed my arms I closed my eyes once more I heard a giggle I opened one eye and the giggle came from Angel The couple signed a paper and walked out of the room.

"Hey...." I heard Scarlett I paid no attention to her I knew she was going to give me those little words of wisdom like usual I wasn't in the mood to here it. "Hey" I said in a dark voice It wasnt a cheery *Oh Hey!* It's the type of hey you would say when someone runs into you without apoligizing, She sat down beside me I knew she was starin at me I looked towards and said "Would you stop staring at me like that?" I snapped at her Immediate guilt ran over me, I sighed "I'm sorry" I really loved Scarlett like a little sister with all my heart really.

"Your such A tomboy" She said cheerfully I looked at her dumbfounded "What?" She giggled more "You heard me" I grinned at her. "Yeah well, thats just me" She smiled at me "I really wish I was your Sister" She told me "We are" I said She gave me a odd look. "Uhh" "It's pretty simple I mean your just like my sister I treat you like one also and- My words were cut off by her hugging me "I know" I smiled Sky made a moan "Ugh!!! When are we gonna see are knew rooms!" He said I pushed Scarlett off me.

"Shut up kid gimme a second" Sergant replied He flipped through some papers and walked down another hallway We all followed him, He stopped at an elevator "Here" He said clicking a button and opening the doors, we all were in an elevator now, It was akward silence for few minutes......

We walked down a much smaller hallway (So many hallways sorry) and into a another room A woman was there her hair was in a pony tail hair pure blonde she looked really pretty I looked at Sky who was madly blushing I laughed His face was so Pricless!

"W-what's so funny?" Sky asked I pointed at the woman "You gotta crush on- His hand was now covering my mouth "Mphm hm hemph" I tried speaking his hands were all warm his face was completly red, I tried pulling his hand off but his other hand was wrapped around my hands He gave me a pleading look "Adam..." The woman began saying me and Sky's attention was now on her.

His face was even more red Scarlett was giggling I stared at her "Whaph so Phuny?" I asked she giggled even more "Oh nothing I Just never thought you and Skylar were a couple" all of the sudden Sky's grip was tightening It was hurting now, Sergant (Adam) gave Scarlett a thumbs up She gave one back to him.

I looked at Sky his face couldnt get anymore red then it already was, "Skylar it's okay I was just joking" Scarlett assured him I knew she was I thought it was funny Didn't Sky? "Y-yeah I know" I was waiting for Sky to let me go I tried saying something but it was all muffled Sky stared at me and let me go....No....He basically dropped me I fell to my knees "Owwww" I Whined He laughed he had tiny little dashes of pink on his cheeks as he stared at the woman.

"Care to explain Adam?" The woman asked Adam He chuckled "I got some new kids for ya" He replied patting Sky on the head I got off my knees and smiled at her "Despite the girls hair color they look normal" I took offence to her words but I pushed it aside, "Oh there something very very diffrent care to show her Scarlett?" He patted her back in encouragement, "yes" next thing we knew The woman was up against the wall with horror in her eyes.....within a few seconds the fear turned into curiousity.

"Adam.....What are they?" She asked attempting to catch her breath, "Julie.....calm down they arent going to hurt you.....there from Jeremy's" I got angery at those words there is no way in this world that I belong to....Jeremy. "A-and...H-he There....." She slowly touched Scarletts Face, "There alive" She was amazed "Why arent they controlled?" She asked Adam "Thats what were trying to figure out So I figured you could ask them a few questions ya know since your so good with kids" He rubbed his bald head And smiled "Oh sure your nice to her" Sky said with a smirk he got smacked in the back of the head for that.

She giggled "Well....Im sure I could talk to them seriouse is this...I mean how serious is this?" Adam frowned "Jeremy made a Full acomplishment on them...but He couldn't do one thing he didn't put the nixer in there head It's not like him to forget" I was confused "A nixer What?" I asked Adam sighed "I think you should talk to her first she..." He stopped talking and pushed me towards Julie, "Ill do my best she smiled at me and pulled me into a room.

Next thing I knew I was sitting at a table and Julie across from me, "So what's your name?" She asked with a pad and pan in her hand "Lacey Dawnson" I said She smiled "Do you know who Jeremy is?" I gave her a dark look ".....The one who did this?" She nodded "Annnnd what about family?" I felt like crying everytime someone asked about my ffamily "Lacey?" She asked I swallowed "Yeah.....One sister" I started out She wrote it down "Parents?" I still didn't look at her "Both dead" My eyes shot at her my face hardened She looked sad "Do you mind if i ask?" My expression didn't change "No its okay.....My father....He died in the army" She clicked her pen and wrote more down, "And your mother?"..............."Jeremy sent a man named Alex to my house....My mother was home and he" I choked on my words She stared at me with sinser eyes "I understand" She stated "No I want to finish this" I actually liked talking about it all "I woke up and realized I had claws....I walked into my moms room and she was dead Alex killed her I got so angry....I killed Alex it was an accident I swear...i don't regret it though" I stared at her The dam I was holding in my head was slowly breaking I wasn't going to cry not today

Author Notes: Meh Happy late Thanksgiving! Can't wait until Christmas

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1 Dec, 2013
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7 mins
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