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The will to protect 7

The will to protect 7

By doveandgrenade101

My heart felt like it had skipped a beat,There was no way they found us already. I grabbed Skylar and Scarrlet's hand and started pulling them towards a alley they looked confused at first until they saw why we were running. They began running with me i let go of there hands "Come on!" I shouted, i kept running I looked behind me Skylar wasnt to far behind i saw Scarlett real far away from us both one of the men grabbed Scarlett by her hair thats whene my instinct kicked in i turned around and ran towards the man who pinned Scarlett, I manage to kick him as hard as i could in the face i was pretty flexible so you can image my foot going pretty far in the air Scarlett was still on the ground i was down on my knees checking if she was ok or not she got up and grabbed my arm "HURRY COME ON LETS GO!" she shoutes People around us were begining to notice one woman with a child behind her asked me if i was alright I told her we were fine. i got up and brushed down the dirt "That's what you get jurk" i stated, His lip was bleeding " you got guts kid..... But you can't hide forever" He looked behind him the man with the creepy smile showd up with his nerdy assitent " what is your name?" I wasnt going to be afraid anymore not now "Well since we will be seeing you three soon enough..." There were people staring at us Skylar was beside me and Scarlett "The name's Jeremy and we-" I stopped him in his sentence "That's all i need" i stated He walked toward "Woah bud why dont you leave these kids alone" A young man told him standing in front of him "You get out of here and leave these kids alone before i call the police" the woman with the child said" Jeremy just smiled turned around and slowly walked away he told me "You might want to go visit your mother today" that quote sended chills up my spine People asked us if we were all alright but we simply replied by saying "He was just a creep following us around we all need to go home"

I was safe but they will be i had to go home befor something bad was happening

Author Notes: WOW we have over ONE HUNDRED VEIWS!!!! thx so much im glad you loved it ! :D

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About This Story
9 Oct, 2013
Read Time
2 mins
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