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the will to protect

the will to protect

By doveandgrenade101

Lacey Dawnson lived her life as a average 13 year old girl living with her 6 year old sister Angelina or Angie for short, raised by a single mother Molly her father died in the army when Lacey was 9. Her mother has been miserable since Lacey was planing on having a normal day with her best friend Scarlett but things go terribly wrong.... Lacey sees Scarlett being put into the back of a van. Lacey screams for her friend but Scarlett is unconsious there was men in white coats who notice Lacey. Lacey then takes action and grabs a rock and throws it as hard as she can. The rock bounces off one of the men in white coats shoulder. Lacey then feels a sharp pain in her back...she passes out. she wakes up unaware she is in the back of a truck on a cold hard ground and sees Scarlett tied with what she beileves is wrope around Scarletts wrists and ductape around her. Lacey was in the same position. Lacey then tries yelling Scarletts name even though she has ductape around her mouth. Scarlett was still awnser. Lacey then tries to loosen her way out of the wropes luck. There she sees a man and a women in the front seats and two men behind them they all looked like scientist they all had glasses except one man ...the driver....something about him but Lacey couldn't stand him.they all looked like scientist with white bright coats and black pants. Lacey knew she and Scarlett were in some trouble.

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1 Oct, 2013
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1 min
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