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The Window

The Window

By tree7332

Chapter one- The start

Two boys ages thirteen and ten, both suffer from leukemia, they shared the same hospital room and they had become best friends. One boy named Peter was thirteen, he was diagnosed with leukemia when he was ten. he was able to sit up in his bed. His bed was next to the room's only window. The other boy named Jack had to spend all his time flat on his back due to his condition. The boys talked for hours on end. They talked about their lives and families, their homes, their schools, even where they had been on vacation.

And every afternoon when Peter would wake up from his nap, he would pass the time by describing to Jack all the things he could see outside the window. Jack loved listening to peter describe what he saw, he loved hearing all the deep details about the outside world.

The window overlooked a park with a lovely lake. Ducks and swans played on the water while children played soccer in the field. Young lovers walked and picked flowers of every color of the rainbow. big oak trees overlooked the park, and a fine view of the city skyline could be seen in the distance.

As the Peter sat by the window and described all this in deep detail, Jack on the other side of the room would close his eyes and imagine the picture.

One warm afternoon Peter was sitting by the window, he described a parade passing by. Although Jack couldn't hear the band - he could see it in his mind as peter described it with juicy words. Days and weeks passed.

Chapter two: The fight

One morning, the day nurse arrived to bring the medicine tray only to find the limp body of Peter, laying by the window, he had a seizure in his sleep. She was completely shocked to the fact that Peter was getting better, they had to move him to a room where the doctors would observe him. As soon as it seemed appropriate, Jack who was still shocked by what happened, asked if he could be moved next to the window. The nurse was happy to make the switch, and after making sure he was comfortable, she left him alone. Slowly, and painfully, he sat himself up, but what he saw out the window was not what he expected!

It faced a blank wall. The boy asked the nurse why his roommate would describe such wonderful things outside this window. The nurse responded that peter was blind and could not even see the wall. She said, "maybe he just wanted to make you feel better." Jack got better but was still sick. he was now able walk around the hospital, he went to visit Peter one morning only to hear the news that Peter had slipped into A coma late last night, Jack was heartbroken that his best friend was slowly dying and there was nothing Jack could do. He was talking to his doctor and his mom was there, the doctor told jack that he had won his battle, he no longer had cancer. Jack screamed and shouted he kept yelling:


Now on his knees Jack was crying uncontrollably. Later that night Jack woke up, he walked down the hall to Peters room. Jack grabbed Peters hand and said: "don’t you die, don’t you leave me, please. Peter was Jacks only friend, his best friend.

Chapter three: on the edge

The nurse rushed into jack's room and told him.

"He's awake, Jack, Peters awake!"

Jack ran as fast as his legs would carry him he ran straight into peters room and gave him a hug and Peter said:

" you didn’t think I would leave you."

Tears poured down both of their cheeks. Jack was moved into peters room where there were two windows that showed the outside world, peter was getting better fast. And Jack and Peter were closer friend than ever, but that changed at Jacks next doctor's appointment, the doctor gave him the sad news that the cancer was back in his leg and it was spreading fast.

Jack slowly walked into the room where Peter sat reading his favorite braille novel, he turned towards Jack's voice and he just knew like when I mother knows when something bad has happened to her child, Peter began crying he knew the cancer was back just from the tone in Jack's voice. They sat there in the dark crying and telling what they had wanted to do when they grew up, Jack wanted to be a doctor, he wanted to help people, and Peter wanted to be a teacher, he wanted to teach kids about everything. but Peter knew that Jack's cancer was so progressed that he would probably never get to be a doctor. When Peter woke up the next morning he heard a rather weird noise, he glanced over to Jack's side of the room he smelled a heavy odor of blood and screamed even though peter couldn’t see it, blood was pooled on the sheets of Jack's bed he was breathing so heavily, Peter screamed for a doctor, he was crying uncontrollably. Peter got up and walked to the room where Jack was, the doctor said that Jack had a very bad nose bleed, losing ten percent of his blood, and that he was struggling to breathe, the doctor also said he had to have his leg amputated to stop the cancer from spreading. The doctor then shouted, "have the OR prepped immediately. "Peter sat in his room waiting for any further news, there was nothing.

Chapter four: The climb to freedom

When Jack opened his eyes, he had no idea that he was missing his leg, he tried to sit up, but he couldn’t move a muscle. Jack fell back asleep.

"Jack, Jack throw the ball."

That was his classmates yelling at him to throw the ball, normally Jack didn’t play sports but today was different, his dad who was always busy was watching, Jack threw the ball to the pitcher "strike one." Jack swung the bat again, "strike two." He swung one last time he hit the ball out of the park, then he ran, ran faster than the wind. It was a home run, his team cheering his name the crowd was cheering, this was the best day of Jack's life, it was also the day before he found out he had leukemia.

Jack rolled his wheel chair to where peter was drinking his apple juice, "we have been on a long journey, and hopefully that journey is almost over, and we can go home. "Peter said.

Then Jack said, "I don’t know, I kind of like it here, I don’t think I would ever be able to sleep without hearing all the hospital noises, and don’t forget the smells oh how I would miss the smells."

"I know, I know, I would miss everything about this place, including you, we live on different sides of the country. will we still visit each other?" Peter asked

" actually Peter, my family and me are moving to Ohio, where you live!" Jack stated excitedly.

Jack beat the cancer, and this time it wasn’t coming back, Peter had also beat the cancer, the boys were both going home.

Two months later,

"Hurry up Peter, I'm in a wheelchair and I'm still faster than you." Jack said, the boys giggled


Author Notes: this is the story that made me believe in miracles!

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16 Mar, 2018
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6 mins
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