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The Wolf Face

The Wolf Face

By SharonKrager

Carol Williams lived in a small town in Illinois. At the edge of town was a  plastics factory that she had been working at for almost seven years. The shift she worked was the evening shift, which seemed to work out best for her and her family.
The factory was nestled in a small patch of woods to the back of it and if you parked in the last row of the parking lot, you were at the edge of those woods.The back part of the parking lot was also the darkest area and away from the lights. That is where Carol usually parked when she arrived at work for her shift at three in the afternoon because the rest of the parking lot was full from the previous shift not having left yet.
One night when Carol was leaving, she heard a rustling in the woods behind the car. She chalked it up to a small critter roaming around out there.She got into her car and drove away. She never thought any more of it.
A couple of days went by and it happened again. This time she heard what she thought was a growl but it was a little deeper into the woods. She stood by her car for a little while and asked a friend of hers standing nearby if they heard it. The friend said "no:" and she listened again but didn't hear anything. She finally got into her car thinking maybe it was a dog since she had heard a growl.
The very next night when work was over and all the second shift employees were leaving Carol hung back just a little to talk to her shift foreman about an issue that had come up during that evening. By the time she headed out to her car there was no one else in the parking lot but her. As she walked toward her car it dawned on her that what ever was in that woods might still be there. Feeling a little scared, she walked a little faster.
When she reached her car she got in fast. Not wanting to hang around too long just in case whatever was lurking in the  woods was still there. She put the keys in the ignition and tried to start the car, but nothing happened. She tried again and still nothing. With the window partially down, she heard something behind her car moving around at the edge of the woods. It was making a low growl sound that she had never heard before. She tried again to start the car, and still nothing. She looked up into the rear view mirror and standing behind her car was a huge hairy creature with what looked like a wolf face. "Oh My God," she thought. Trying again and again to start the car with no luck.. Finally it started and at that time what ever the creature was hit the back of her car. Her heart was beating so hard she could feel it in her throat. Again she looked in the rear view mirror and the creature was stepping around the vehicle on the passenger side. She put the car in gear and sped away as fast as she could. She ran through the first stop sign at the end of the lot and then on to the big highway. Looking back only once to see what appeared to be a seven or eight foot werewolf  like creature following her. It stayed right behind as she sped away about fifty miles per hour. Finally she lost it. She didn't slow down, until she was several miles away from the factory.
When she got home, she told her husband about it. She called the factory to tell them about the creature she saw out in the parking lot, and called the police.
Since that night, she has changed her shift at the factory. She no longer works the evenings or leaves at that time of night. None of the other employees has ever reported seeing anything like that creature.
Carol has never strayed from telling the story exactly as it unfolded for her that night. What she saw was as she describes it, a creature with a wolf face. 

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About This Story
12 Mar, 2014
Read Time
3 mins
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