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The Wolve's Dance

The Wolve's Dance

By BrokenheartedWerewolf

She walked along the boundaries, her heart pulsing. Would she find a mate in time? For mating season had come. She walked slowly around, sniffing for a male. She sniffed deeper, and smelt a fain scent of a sorrowful male. She could sense his heartbreak, and ran towards it to sooth his pain. She found him, kneeling over a female, who was bleeding, and she smelt the disgraced smell of the sharp metal bullet in her skin, through her body and lodged in her bone. She came beside the male, whimpering and holding her head low, comforting him. Her beautiful sight caught his attention, and he immedtiately left the dead female. He sniffed her, and knew he had changed his mind. He followed her every step. She danced around him, and ran through a meadow, him by her side. They lay together, nose to nose. He put his paw on her stomach, and tilted his head. She stood up, and got into position. He began to mate with her. He knew she would get pregnant with his pups if he stayed on long enough. He finished, and nudged her side. They both heard a loud noise, and he saw the hunter. He had aimed for the female. The male wolf jumped in front of the bullet, saving her. She sat there, helpless. The hunter came and dragged his body away, she watched and her heart broke. His gleaming eyes pierced her heart, and she ran and ran, and ran even longer. She waited til the pups were born, and old enough to fend for themselves, yet thought of the male wolf only. She stood upon the edge of the cliff. She smiled, and thought "I'm coming. Wait for me, my love..." She let herself fall off the cliff, dying instantly at the impact. She ran to him in heaven, never to be separated again.

Author Notes: ~HeartbrokenWerewolf

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7 Jul, 2013
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1 min
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