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The Worst Way to Die
The Worst Way to Die

The Worst Way to Die

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"ANNA! YOUR LATE AGAIN!" my teacher yells. "I'm sorry, I have to take all my sibling to school." I say. My teacher rubs her head, "Anna, how many times do we have to go over this? You don't have any siblings." she says. I look at her, is she crazy? I have three siblings and she says I dont!

I sit down at my seat and pull out my book. "Anna?" my teacher turns around, "Yes?" I say in a shaky voice I hope shes not mad. "Go to Ms. Leaps room please, you havent gone in over a week." Ms. Leap is my councler, and I usually go durning this class. I get up and grab my bag as I walk out of the room with a blank expression on my face. When I get there, I knock on her door.

"Yes?" Ms. Leap says. "It's me, Anna." I say back. Ms. Leap opens the door with a happy harmless smile. "Oh, Anna, hi!" She says in joy, "Why havent you been comming to see me lately?" she asks. I sit down in my chair. "Well, I've been having to take care of my little brothers and sister." I say. I pull out my scetch pad. Ms. Leap looks at me, her grin turns into a worried face. "Anna, I've told you so many times, you don't have siblings anymore." All of the sudden, I get dizzy. "I-I feel dizzy Ms. Leap." i say, Ms. Leap gets up and runs to catch me as I fall out of my chair. Then, I hear a knock on the door. "Ms. Leap, someones hea." I say. Ms. Leap rubs my head. "No one is hear child." she says to me. Then I hear a voice, "Anna, it's me Mark. Mom said to come get you." says the voice. "It-its Mark, am I getting checked out?" I say to Ms. Leap. "No one said anything Anna. Trust me." Ms. Leap says. I get up and walk to the door. "Hi Mark!" I say to my little brother thats standing infront of the door. "See, hes right here. My mom is probally here. Bye Ms. Leap." I say as I hug my little brother. "ANNA!" Ms. Leap yells out. I turn around. "No one is there Anna, your brother is dead, Mark is dead, Alex is dead, Rebecca is dead. They are all dead." she says."But hes right here!" I shout. I hold my little brothers hand and we walk out of the room.

I walk to the front office as I hold Marks hand. Theres mom, and Alex, and Rebecca! I run to them and hug them. "Hey guys!" I say to my little siblings. Mom looks at me, "Yes, they are all here with me Anna." My mom says with a sad frown on her face. "So, why are we getting checked out?" I ask. "I need to talk with you Anna." mom says.

We go home and walk in the house. "Yes mom?" I say. "How long have people been telling you, your siblings are dead?" mom asks. "For a wile now-" I start, but wile i talk, I pass out on the floor.

When I wake up, I am on a table of some sort. I cant speak, and I cant move. I go to scream for help, but nothing comes out of my mouth. There is a mirror infront of me, I am brused, I have cuts that leak red from all over. I look, and look. I try to scream, one more time still nothing. Someone walks in the room with a needle and thread. They walk over to me, and start to pull the needle into my lip. I try to scream, it hurts so very bad. I cant take this! I cant move, I cant scream. Tears go down my eyes as I helplessly do nothing to help myself. When he is dont sowing my lips togerther, he moves the mirror to revel Mark, Alex, and Rebecca. I just look, there isnt aything I can do. The man like figure goes over to a button of some sort, I here a noise. It sounds like a car horn. Then I see a car, crash into all my siblings. Blood flies everywhere, tears non stop flow down my eyes. The man walks back to me, and sows my eyes shut.

"AH!" I scream as I shoot out of bed. Swear poors down my face like a waterfall. I swallow, and take deep breths. "Are you ok Anna?" my mom says opening my door. "Yes, just another bad dream." I say and look at my floor. "You passed out again." mom says as she walks in. "Yeah. I don't know why." I say. Mark, Rebecca and Alex all walk in. "Hey." i say to them. "Anna, they aren't really here. They died in the car crash, remember." Mom says as she sits on my bed. "Mom, not you too! They are right there!" I say and point to them. Mom puts my hand down. She pulls up a mirror, my sibs not have reflections. "Mom, they are right there tho!'' I say sadly. "Look baby, sometimes its hard to let go of the past, I know, but they are all dead" she says. I get out of bed and start to cry. "THEY ARE ALIVE!" I scream. I put my shoes on and run out of the house. "ANNA!" my mom screams after me.

I run and run, my siblings try and keep up. Asking questions, like "Whats wrong." we keep running. Then we get lost in the middle of the forest. "Great." I say. I go to look at my sibs, but when I do I see a car crash into them. I rub my eyes and they are playing with sticks and rocks. I turn back around. "There is water. Maybe we could follow the stream." I say. I turn around and get them to follow me.

We follow the stream, and I start to hear my sibs talking. I turn around, and their bodies are glitching out. "Ummm, guys!?" I say scardly. They walk towrds me. "Join us, Join us." They chant, I back up and trip into the water. I scream, Mark covors my mouth, then Alex and Rebecca turn me around with my head in the water. I wiggle, but two of them sit on my back with the other on my head. Then a few seconds later, I give no movement.

Now no one sees me or my siblings.

Author Notes: I wanted to have a scary story, I guess I turned it into a sad one, pls tell me what u think!

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17 Apr, 2021
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5 mins
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